New approach of labour market in Romania – (self)knowing the employee and team performance

Publica printing house and Ernst & Young launches today for the first time in Romania, the „Stand Out” book signed by Marcus Buckingham, a researcher and writer having developed the “Strengths Finder” model.

The book recommends a practical model for identifying the competitive advantages of each employee and capitalizing on the strengths of each member of a team.


According to Alexandra Bebu, HR manager, Ernst & Young Romania, “the labour market is a challenge for everyone right now – not only for the youth endeavouring for building a career but also for the employers seeking the right professionals. It is very important that each of stakeholders to understand which are the native strengths that enable the employees to stand out and how can that be capitalize within a company. It is an approach that offers relevance to each training and professional development process and makes it more fit for the needs of an organization.”


Find more on the book at Publica: www.publica.ro