Lidl celebrates partnership with Sibiu - European Gastronomy Region 2019 by launching Sibiu Week in its stores across the country

Lidl celebrates partnership with Sibiu - European Gastronomy Region 2019 by launching Sibiu Week in its stores across the country

Lidl invests in the sustainable development of local suppliers and supports the Sibiu - European Gastronomy Region 2019 project.

As a first step of the partnership, the retailer launches the first Sibiana Week on November 22, dedicated to traditional suppliers in the region such as Scandia, Sibiana House or Grewe.

Since entering the Romanian market, relations with local producers have been a priority for Lidl, one of its goals of social responsibility being the development of long-term partnerships with them. As part of this, Lidl supports the Sibiu European Gastronomy Program 2019, which aims to make this region known at European level through traditional and local products, through the way culture and creativity allow the harmonious blending of the past with the future, thus contributing to a better positioning of Sibiu in the production and consumption markets, but also to the completion and diversification of the tourists' experience in this area.

To celebrate the gastronomy of the South Gate of Transylvania, Lidl launches the first Sibiana Week on 22nd November, bringing traditional regional products from local suppliers to shelves from all over the country, packed in boxes with special design for this occasion.

Among the specialties that Romans can find in Sibiana Week are patties or dishes such as bean chicken, beef collar, pork ham or sarmalute in scandia or cabbage leaves produced by Scandia. From the Sibiana House, Lidl customers will find goodies in the shops such as fresh or matured cow's milk, cow-dressed cheese or aubergine. Sibiana Week includes bakery products such as those from Boromir, such as Sibiu sweet sauce with cinnamon or classic or hencles from Grewe, a traditional Transylvanian dish.

"It is part of our long-term strategy to develop our own projects, but also to engage in long-term partnerships to support local producers.Lidl has made many efforts in this regard, since the creation of its own brand product line, Camara Noastra, exclusively developed with Romanian producers, until the revival project of Romanian vegetable varieties and the strategic partnership with USAMVB.Therefore, it is a natural step for us to contribute to the development of the Sibiu region.We will do this as we know best: bringing the products of traditional suppliers to the tables of all Romans, "said Marco Giudici, VP Acquisitions and Marketing at Lidl Romania.

The European Gastronomy Region 2019 is a distinction awarded to Sibiu by the International Institute for Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism. Recognition of Sibiu as part of this European elite is due to the well-kept local gastronomic traditions, but also to the diversity of cultural influences in the area. In the framework of this sustainable regional economic development program, in Sibiu Week's Preview, the Sibiu region launches on November 21, 2018, SibCoin, the first local currency in Romania, meant to encourage local producers and the sustainable economy.