Kids - a successful business was approved by the Ministry of National Education

"Kids - a successful business" was approved by the Ministry of National Education

"Kids - a Successful Business" is the first financial education application for children aged 7-10 years approved by the Ministry of National Education

The "Kids - a Successful Business" game launched by the APPE in partnership with Alpha Bank Romania and the Tara Interactive developer was approved by the Ministry of National Education.

"Kids - a successful business" is a combination of educational games, problem solving and questioning. The educational content of the application brings to children the first notions of financial education and entrepreneurship such as saving, spending management, or setting goals.

The application is intended for primary school children, and once approved by the Ministry of National Education, it can be used as support in financial education classes.

"In teaching financial education in schools in Romania, we are following the best practices in the European Union (recommended both by the OECD and by the ECB) such as the use of computer applications or the digitization of textbooks. Financial education represents innovation in education through the modern methods and techniques of teaching used, by developing the creativity and logic-mathematical thinking in the students, by combining the formal and the non-formal and the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter (they combine the notions of financial mathematics, drawing, history, geography, communication, entrepreneurship, etc.), "said Ligia Georgescu-Golosoiu, President of APPE.

"Financial education is a priority for Alpha Bank Romania, in support of numerous initiatives in this field: the Small Bankers' Olympics, the publishing of financial education manuals and the first financial education application for primary school children. We are honored with the sustainable partnership with the Association for the Promotion of Educational Performance and we are addressing this way thanks to all those who have contributed to the realization of this temerary project, " said Tiberiu Mercurian, Director of Marketing, Alpha Bank Romania.

The "Kids - a Successful Business" app is available for downloading on iOS and Android from application pages, but also from www.alphabank.ro and www.appe.ro