Huawei and Honor - New objectives for dual brand strategy

Huawei and Honor - New objectives for dual brand strategy

HONOR has strengthened its leading position with a strong growth, recording an increase of 27.1% in 2018

Richard Yu, Chief Executive of Huawei Consumer BG, announced on its official SinaWeibo account the new strategic objectives of the company:

1. Huawei will become the largest smartphone producer in the world;
2. Honor will become China's second-largest smartphone maker and fourth in the world;
3. The company will support HONOR in the development of state-of-the-art products and will continue to invest in technology innovation, channel distribution and retail strategies, while maintaining a firm brand strategy between HONOR and Huawei. Both brands will maintain visionary thinking and help create a smart, fully connected world.

Richard Yu believes that "Huawei Consumer BG has entered a new stage," and that "this year, Huawei and Honor will likely become the world's largest smartphone maker."

These new goals come after the company has met all seven strategic goals set by Richard Yu in 2012, including:

1. Transforming from a non-branded ODM operator to an independent OEM brand
2. Upgrade from smart low-end terminals to mid and high-end
3. Stopping the sale of ultra-low-end handsets with a high volume of sales but with a low profit
4. Integration of the HiSilicon quad-core processor and Balong chip
5. Developing a business in the electronic commerce sector
6. Designing an Emotion UI user experience
7. Transform into a top player in the global hardware industry

Huawei Consumer Services leads the company's revenue with a 48.4% increase, surpassing the performance of the Huawei operator network. Last year, Huawei Consumer Services sold sales of RMB 348.9 billion, up 45.1% from the previous year, contributing the most to the company's revenue.

HONOR has strengthened its leadership position with strong growth, despite a global recession in the industry. According to IDC, the world smartphone market recorded a 3.1 percent drop in the first three quarters of 2018, but HONOR has resisted this trend, recording a 27.1 percent increase. In addition, HONOR achieved an increase of over 170% in international sales in 2018 compared to the previous year. HONOR ranked second in the global online sales volume, up 29.4% in 2018 compared to the previous year.

In Romania, HONOR is in an important stage in consolidating market position and expansion, aiming to become a top 5 smartphone brand in three years, and top 3 in five years.

In March, the brand announced two major strategic partnerships with Orange and eMAG, through which last generation HONOR devices become accessible to consumers in Romania, meeting their need for innovative technologies and superior quality at a great price.

"We want to grow more and more in Romania, to set new standards of innovation and to continue to offer last generation technologies to HONOR fans so that our market has echoes worldwide. We have committed to providing innovative products to communities and we have started to do this through our local collaborations. We are confident that HONOR products will rise to the expectations of consumers through the latest generation features they offer, "said Shen Wang, Country Manager HONOR Romania and Greece.

HONOR has launched this year a series of new technologies that demonstrate the pioneering position of the brand in the industry, including:

  • TOF 3D: HONOR View20 includes a 3D TOF (Time of Flight) sensor in the secondary room. With this extra depth sensor that enables better skeleton monitoring and real-time motion capture capabilities, HONOR View20 is an ultra-slim 3D innovative device with features such as 3D Motion-Controlled Gaming, 3D Shaping and Magic AR.
  • Display All-View: HONOR View20 uses a 6.4-inch 6.4-inch 2310p x 1080p screen with 398 PPI. The new All-View display adopts an innovative design with an integrated camera, giving up the wide-cut design that occupies a relatively large front panel surface and creates a very small hole with a diameter of only 4.5 mm for the camera front. As a result, HONOR View20 offers a remarkable viewing experience with an extraordinary body / screen ratio of 91.8%. The HONOR View20's 19.5: 9 aspect ratio is close to the cinematic look, providing a cinematic viewing experience for movies.
  • 5G: Huawei and Honor have been deeply involved in all three levels of network progress from 3G to 4G, and now 5G: the first involves standard and basic patent initiators; the second is the level of those who provide and verify the solutions that promote the development of the network; the third is smartphone brands based on 5G solutions providers, as well as 5G application service providers that create diverse applications. HONOR has an advantage in tactical planning of 5G devices and plans to launch its first 5G mobile phone this year, according to George Zhao, President of Honor, Mobile World Congress 2019.

"Honor is about to innovate again and we will not stop here. Even if the road is hard, we will continue. We will treat each day as an opportunity to offer greater value to our fans. For HONOR, just now is the most beautiful stage, "said George Zhao.