Ford Trucks delivers the first F-max in Romania

Ford Trucks delivers the first F-max in Romania

Cefin Trucks, the only importer and distributor of Ford Trucks in Romania, announces the delivery of the first F-MAX ("Truck of the Year 2019") to VESNA GS.

The model is an automatic F-MAX 1850 T with intarder, tilting kit and stationary climate.

The company that deals with the trade and distribution of auto accumulators, VESNA GC from Cluj-Napoca, plans to acquire two new similar vehicles in the near future. The launch of the F-MAX in Romania in October 2018 brought to the Romanian market the top spearhead in the tractor head segment at the international level. Moreover, in order to support our customers, the F-MAX has the most affordable price on the market and is available, in the standard version, with all driver comfort options, worth around 4500 euros, "says Stefano Albarosa, founder and CEO of Cefin Trucks.

"Since the launch, we have already signed 30 contracted units and delivery to VESNA GC in Cluj inaugurated the road to the success of F-MAX in Romania. Its recognized performance has made such a good balance of orders in just four months of its presence on the domestic market, as the purchase decision was made on the basis of product presentation and static vision of the vehicle at events presenting it, not having units in stock or available for demo in this period. "

"Our collaboration with Cefin Trucks began in the summer of 2018, when we ordered and delivered our first Ford model, the 1848T XHR. It has been clear to us since then that Ford is a reliable partner in the long run that can support us in business development plans and delivery of services at the highest level of quality and promptness. In December 2018, when we wanted to complete our fleet, the F-MAX configuration with a large number of options included in the price and operational leasing with UCL FM convinced us, "says Robert Szekely, administrator of Vesna GC.

Designed by 23 jury members from 23 countries, "The 2019 Truck", the F-MAX comes with a spacious cabin of 2.5 m in width, full flat floor and an internal height of 216 cm. The board has a cockpit design, all functions being easily accessible.

The feeling of generous space offered by the cabin is complemented by some innovative solutions, such as airplane-style storage cabinets or the top bed with a 90 degree folding angle. The new cab is very silent, and the access steps are completely sealed to water and dust. The driver's seat has an adjustment range of up to 260 mm, upholstery of high quality breathable material and ergonomic design for optimal lumbar support.

The new F-MAX is equipped with a 500 hp and 2500 Nm Ecotorq engine coupled to a 12-speed automatic ZF transmission featuring driving modes such as Eco and Power. Higher aerodynamics, calibration propulsion system and technical features ensure a 6% reduction in consumption over previous models. Maintenance costs are also lower by up to 7%.

The F-MAX offers a generous range of assistance systems, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced Cruise Control, Advanced Launch Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and Electronic Stability Control. With the F-MAX performance in its portfolio, Cefin Trucks aims for 2019 a significant increase in the market share and the tractor segment for international transport, which represents over 75% of the total sales on the Romanian market.

For the second time in the history of the company, Cefin Trucks promises to become one of the biggest players in the heavy truck market this year, aiming to reach a minimum of 450 vehicles sold in 2019, up 28 % versus 2018 and thus become the first choice for carriers who want to maximize their profitability.