Cefin Trucks appointed exclusive importer of Ford Trucks in Romania

Ford Trucks partners with Cefin Trucks. According to this cooperation, Cefin Trucks will provide sales, after sales and spare parts services in Romania.

Cefin Trucks has been appointed as the exclusive importer and distributor of Ford Trucks range of products in Romania. The company will provide sales, after sales and spare parts to Ford Trucks customers in Romania. The activity will start in the headquarters of Bucharest and will expand via Cefin Trucks owned and third party appointed distribution network that will cover at least 8 locations by 2018.

“We are proud that we have been selected by Ford Trucks team, at the end of one year of very rigorous evaluation and selection process. It is a great honor for Cefin Trucks to represent a brand of this level in Romania”, said on the occasion of the new partnership Stefano Albarosa, Founder and CEO Cefin Trucks.

Cefin Trucks will put at the disposal of the Ford Trucks business their entire existing commercial vehicle sale and after sale infrastructure and network developed in Romania since 1995. Additionally, a fresh 1.5 million euro capitalization will be added to boost the start up of the commercial activity and kick off the necessary stock financing. Existing activities (trading of used vehicles and after sales) will be the building block of this new operation. The material base of the company will be transferred to the new Ford Trucks retail business: professional people, systems, customer data base, a tested management team and an ongoing business.

Ford Trucks distribution is set to become core to the strategy of Cefin Trucks in Romania. The operations will be conducted from Cefin Trucks Bucharest headquarters, one of the most significant size wise truck sale and after sale center in South East Europe (total land area: 47.139 sqm, built area: 8.559 sqm, workshop area: 2.400 sqm). The initial footprint will cover Bucharest, Timisoara, Arad and Deva.

For the first full year of activity (2017), Cefin Trucks is planning to sell 185 Ford Trucks new units and 300 units in 2018 (this volume will add up to the company's sale of used trucks). Ford Trucks contribution to the company’s turnover is foreseen for 2017 at over 12 million euro.


“In order to reach such targets and support further development of the Ford Trucks Romanian network, we will significantly enlarge our existing team with the best professional that the market has to offer. Based on our direct and extensive experience as commercial vehicles sales and after sale center, we fully understand the need of a modern and dynamic dealer network. We are committed to recruit for the brand and co-operate with the very best entrepreneurs in our sector to make Ford Trucks, in the medium term, a leading brand in Romania” continued Stefano Albarosa.

To support the lunch of Ford Trucks in the market, preferred leasing terms will be offered to customers via a co-operation with UniCredit Leasing, cooperation that also extends to stock financing. Moreover, each vehicle will come equipped with a system provided by Viasat Romania that will allow its owner to have at its fingertips all the technical and operational information related to the trucks (mileage, consumption, position), ready to be integrated into any company ERP system or just used as standalone information provider. A two year subscription to this system will be offered free of charge to each vehicle owner.
Ford Trucks products compete in the segment of > 16 to GVW (gross vehicle weight), a particularly dynamic and very competitive segment of the autos market in Romania in the past 4 years, constantly growing since 2012 and witnessing a very high growth rate in the last 18 months. For 2016 an estimated number of almost 9000 heavy trucks will be registered in Romania (almost 30% vs last year).