Allianz-Tiriac announces the signing of a protocol with PAID for the distribution of PAD mandatory policies

Allianz-Tiriac is adapting its offers and underwriting processes for home insurance policies to the new legislative stipulations specific to this area of activity

The existing and potential customers of the company will be able to continue purchasing, from the distribution network of Allianz-Tiriac, full coverages against all insurable risks, at the real values ??of the homes insured.


"We want to continue to offer our customers simple solutions and easy access to protection, and this requires adapting our operations to the new regulations. In this respect, following the entry into force of Law 243/2013, signing the distribution protocol of compulsory insurance policy against disasters (PAD) was a necessary step to optimize public access to products that provide complete protection to homes, in Allianz-Tiriac network, " says Remi Vrignaud, general manager of Allianz-Tiriac.