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Zitec is officially the only Romanian company Magento partner, world leader in e-Commerce

With over 16 years of experience in developing online stores for customers around the…

After a year of collaboration with Zitec, the Romanian children's clothing brand iELM has sales of over 1 million euros a month in Europe, the USA and Canada

The success of the brand is due to the company Zitec, which has dealt…

Zitec took over the digital agencies Bright and Symbolic

The takeover is part of a series of actions of this kind, after, in…

Zitec enters into a partnership with VTEX and becomes the first approved provider in Romania of the e-commerce platform in cloud

Through this partnership, Zitec becomes the first company in Romania to implement the VTEX…

National coverage of the Regista application: over 300 mayors and companies from Romania use the registration application and document management

Regista is preparing to launch the Smart City and e-Government modules

Zitec expands its team by 30% in 2016

Zitec, one of the main local online application producers, which recorded turnover of 4.5…

Zitec has been appointed the local supplier with the best migration methodology in cloud-computing platforms

The company will go further in the European competition of cloud services.