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Considerations regarding labor law in the context of covid-19 infection

It is essential to know the incidental legal provisions and the measures that employers…

What are the most important changes brought to the Romanian labor market by the Directive on work-life balance?

The Romanian employers will be obliged to consider any requests for granting flexible working…

How can companies prepare for ANSPDCP investigation

What can a company do if ANSPDCP initiates an investigation into its activity? How…


2 results (author: RADU SI ASOCIATII SPRL)

Remote work in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. What measures can employers take during this period?

Author: Anca Atanasiu, Senior Associates, Radu and Associates SPRL

The erroneous settlement of the debts established by taxation decisions or as we returned to an illegal practice, abandoned by ANAF more than 5 years ago

Author: Alex Slujitoru, Senior Managing Associate within Radu and Asociatii SPRL