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New regulations regarding the obligation to organize the activity in telework regime

Authors: Ioan Dumitrascu (partner), Cristina Tudoran (senior associate)

Telemedicine - preparations for another step forward

Authors: Eliza Baias (partner), Ilinca Porojan (associate)

Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1150 on online intermediation - national and European initiatives

Authors: Raluca Puscas, Partner Filip & Company and Diana Gavra, Senior Associate Filip &…

Retail in the corona era, but not only - challenges and opportunities for local producers

Authors: Catalin Suliman (partner) and Dragos Iordache (associate)

Amendment of the law 321/2009 - are returning the services in food retailing?

Authors: Catalin Suliman (partner) and Dragos Iordache (associate)

Conducting clinical studies in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - A new guide issued at European level

Authors: Diana Gavra - Associate Filip & Company and Silviu Vasile - Senior Associate…

Signing of distance contracts in the context of the spread of COVID-19

By Liliana Dranca (Senior Associate) and Irina Suatean (Associate) - Filip & Company

Poate coronavirusul sa justifice neexecutarea contractelor aflate in derulare?

Autori: Ioana Roman (partener), Cristina Tudoran (senior associate)

Video surveillance. Practical aspects regarding the analysis of the existence of a legitimate interest

Analyzing the need for such processing and ensuring a balance between the rights and…