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Post-Brexit agreement - rules for trade in preferential products

Opinion material by Vladislav Dabija, Indirect Tax Manager, Deloitte Romania

Unknowns of 2021 - the factors that could influence the activity of companies next year

Opinion material by Vlad Boeriu, Fiscal and Legal Services Coordinating Partner, Deloitte Romania

The tax treatment of uncollected invoices changes - the debt cancellation is fully deducted, but its recovery is penalized

Opinion material by Alexandra Smedoiu, Fiscal Services Partner, Deloitte Romania

Countdown to benefit from tax amnesty. What do interested companies need to know?

Opinion material by Mihaela Popescu-Ichim, Direct Taxes Director, Corina Simion, Direct Taxes Manager, Deloitte…

Deloitte report: Electric vehicles sales are expected grow annually by 30% over the next decade, and one in three new cars sold globally will be electric by 2030

Some of the measures adopted in the context of COVID-19 to stimulate auto industry…

Deloitte study: Multinationals say the regulations proposed by the OECD may lead to an increase of their tax burden

Among the companies participating in the study, 31% said they have been actively engaged…

The post-Brexit agreement appears to be work-in-progress, even though the transition period will soon come to an end. What will be different in 2021?

Opinion by Vlad Boeriu, Tax and Legal Partner-in-Charge, Deloitte Romania

Deloitte study: Europeans' concerns regarding financial and employment problems diminished in the first four months since COVID-19 restrictions have eased

Relaxing the restrictions adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic was one of…

Deloitte study: The pandemic speeds up big cities’ decisions to limit traffic and expand space for cyclists and pedestrians

According to the study, private cars, once considered a symbol of the urban environment,…

Scheduling the payment of debts accumulated in the pandemic - a beneficial measure, but perfectible

An opinion material by Vlad Vatavu, Direct Tax Manager, Deloitte Romania, and Mircea Farcau,…

Deloitte experts: Crisis has accelerated digitalisation, but uncertainty and lack of transparency will continue to affect business

The computerization of the fiscal administration and the intensification of controls in risk areas…