Taming the electricity, the EnergoBit style

For more than 25 years, EnergoBit writes the story behind electricity by building generation units, power stations, equipment and networks.

The company served hundreds of customers, from small entrepreneurial businesses to large scale companies with complex demands and power providers which cover the entire Romanian territory, but also companies abroad. About 10 million power consumers (both residential and industrial) in Romania, from all the power distribution operators, benefit from the equipment and services provided by EnergoBit.


Established as an electrical engineering company, EnergoBit’s orientation towards manufacturing electric equipment began in 1994 with the production of low voltage and automation panels, with a few employees and a small production space of just 12 square meters. The company developed rapidly and, more than 20 years later, it covers an extensive portfolio of electrical equipment for medium and low voltages. Nowadays, EnergoBit has two factories of more than 9,000 square meters located in Cluj and Salaj counties where about 200 employees are involved in the production activity.

In general, wherever there is power consumption, electric equipment like the ones manufactured by EnergoBit is needed. The company’s factories produce all sorts of electric equipment, from low voltage distribution panels to protection and automation panels, medium voltage switchgears and distribution transformers. All these are used both by the specialized electric power producers, transporters and distributors, as well as by companies from market segments like automotive, food, retail, telecom, travel, construction or heavy industry and many others. Babe?-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca Airport, Heart Institute Cluj-Napoca and other public institutions, fuel station networks like Petrom, MOL, OMV, Rompetrol or financial institutions as is the case of BNR, BCR, BRD Societe Generale are all using EnergoBit manufactured equipment. The cable transportation installation from Poiana Brasov also relays on the work of the engineers and electricians from Cluj. Important names from the industrial sector: Automobile Dacia Pitesti, Michelin, European Drinks and Food, Holcim and many others are also using electrical equipment manufactured in these factories. The power transportation and distribution companies are traditional customers for the company which gathers about 800 employees all over the country.

Besides its manufacturing activity, EnergoBit has an impressive experience in building complex projects for 400/220/110/20 kV power substations (including indoor substations) and power lines. Starting with 2001, the company built from zero or refurbished close to 60 transformer substations. For such works, EnergoBit provides feasibility studies, including a technical-economical comparative analysis of the existing or possible solutions, technology studies for the connection to the National Power Grid, technical documentation for building licenses and approvals. Moreover, the company is also in charge with the technical design, project management, the works execution and tehnical assistance during execution and commissioning, on-site consultancy.

Along with the projects commissioned for the utility companies, EnergoBit developed capabilities and skills to deliver complex solutions for the industrial segment. Thus, the company delivers electrical power supply and distribution installations and electric drive systems for plants and factories, for commercial and office spaces, for infrastructure (railways, roads, airports) projects and for sport facilities, architectural and public lighting. From on-site assessment to the detailed design of power distribution networks, from acquiring licenses to the final execution of the project, the company’s portfolio includes commercial centers like AFI Palace Cotroceni in Bucharest, Polus Center Cluj-Napoca, and others, hotels like City Plaza from Cluj-Napoca, the Turda Salt Mine and many more.

EnergoBit provides the execution of medium and low voltage electrical connections, the execution or modernization of medium and low voltage distribution installations, the execution of indoor electrical installations and public lighting installations.

In short, EnergoBit offers complete electrical solutions for any project that requires power supply in Romania or abroad.