From stagnation to innovation, recruitment has to keep up with the new ways of working

From stagnation to innovation, recruitment has to keep up with the new ways of working

In the last year, recruitment has gone from uncertainty and stagnation to innovation and unexpected growth

According to the study "Trends in remote recruitment in 2021" conducted by the business consulting company Valoria in collaboration with Mingle, the recruitment automation platform (mingle.ro), 58% of companies say they will increase employment and 40% will even increase the number of remote roles that work remotely.

"In the last year, recruitment has gone from uncertainty and stagnation to innovation and unexpected growth. In 2021, the growth trend continues and brings with it the need to keep up with a new world of work. The results of the study show that 90% of companies will increase or maintain their online recruitment processes, while facing the challenge of creating a better experience for candidates. In this context, recruitment acquires a new role: that of a link between the ambitious plans of organizations and the specific needs of candidates. And to fulfill it, it has never been more important than now to keep up with technology and new working methods ", says Catalina Dobre, co-founder of Mingle, co-author of the study.

Recruitment priorities for 2021

Linked to the projected growth plans, attracting talent dominates the list of priorities for 2021. On their first in the top of priorities 55% of companies put the creation of better recruitment experiences for candidates, 48% rely on employer branding, 45% on the use of social media platforms in recruitment, 35% on digital transformation, and 32% on building a database of candidates. Thus, through all these approaches and until the diversification of the promotion channels, the HR teams turn their eyes to the candidates and to the way in which they can attract the best of them.

The recruitment challenges of 2021

It is not surprising that attracting candidates is in the top of the priorities for this year, because in the top of the challenges 45% of the companies say that they are fighting with the lack of qualified candidates. Moreover, if we look at the challenges faced by recruitment teams, we see in second place problems with attracting a sufficient number of applications (44%) aspect that is somewhat understandable given the phenomenon of mental fatigue generated by constant stress of the pandemic among employees. In the following places we find in the list of challenges the following: social skills assessment (41%), a higher staff turnover (33%), the salary increase trend (33%) and the transition to the use of technology in Hr (32%).

The most sought after abilities of the candidates

When it comes to choosing the right candidates, employers are looking for those who can easily adapt to a constantly changing work environment. In the first places in the companies' answers about the most sought after abilities of the candidates are the desire to grow and learn (77%), the ability to adapt and resilience (62%), the ability to solve problems (47%), the ability to use technology (45%). Other aspects that will make the recruitment choices of companies in 2021 include: emotional intelligence (38%), self-leadership (35%), creativity (29%), self-motivation (25%), and critical thinking (20%).

More remote colleagues in 2021

We have already seen that in 2021 recruitment is on an upward trend. And some of the new open roles will also be available for remote candidates. With 40% of companies open to increasing the number of remote roles, we see just as many ready to accommodate the recruitment processes for remote work. It is therefore not surprising that 90% of organizations will increase or maintain the number of recruitment stages that take place online, while maintaining the duration of the employment process. After all, the new employees will be part of the same team - and following the same selection criteria will allow them to be on the same page with their colleagues in the office.

"A year ago, companies, teams and entire business processes had to give up the old ways of working and find a new form in the online environment. Everything that had been valid until recently was questioned and redefined. New tools were used. Whole processes have been rethought. Choosing future employees has become a completely different activity, also carried out remotely. In 2021, these changes have become the new way of working. Today's teams are better prepared and equipped to accommodate a work regime. hybrid, and this can be seen in their plans: more than half of the companies plan to continue what they started in 2020 and increase the number of remote roles and candidates", says Elena Badea, Managing Director of the consulting company Valoria, co-author of the study.

A hybrid workforce

The increase in the number of remote roles shows that many of the organizations are ready to have more colleagues working remotely. But the question that remains to be clarified is what percentage of the future workforce will be made up of remote colleagues - and how open organizations are to replacing their physical offices with virtual ones. While 65% of companies want to keep the majority of those who work from the office, for the remaining 35% the possibility remains open to have a predominantly remote workforce.

The new face of recruitment

To meet those who will work remotely, the rules that until recently were valid in recruitment will have to be realigned. How do HR teams plan to attract remote candidates? Who will they go to? And how will they ensure that new employees feel as welcome on the team as their office colleagues? Trying to answer these questions, most organizations (62%) plan to think of remote alternatives for the benefits offered to colleagues in the office, but also to adjust salaries according to the locations of candidates (20%). And in order to find the right candidates, organizations (22%) are starting to turn their attention to foreign markets, where they hope to find a more experienced workforce.

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