Financial Services Quarterly Reports: Financial Impact of Coronavirus on Key Industries

Financial Services Quarterly Reports: Financial Impact of Coronavirus on Key Industries

By: Sowmya Ramaswami and Joao Luiz Paschoal

Euromonitor International’s Financial and Investment Services Practice is proud to publish the first series of its Financial Services Quarterly Reports. This first set of reports discusses the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the health on five major sectors in the first quarter of FY2020.

COVID-19 has caused significant disruptions and tightening of financial conditions across businesses.

Such tightening of financial conditions, especially plunging liquidity, is anticipated to expose vulnerabilities and opportunities across sectors. In order to best navigate through this period, it is vital for businesses and companies to “think beyond the core” and make smart and prudent investment choices. Diversifying revenue streams, capital planning and better cash management are other key areas to focus on to ensure there is continuity in business planning.

Our first series of Financial Services Quarterly Reports leverages our global industry expertise, extensive in-house data and financial knowledge in order to assess the financial strength and resilience of leading global companies across five major industries.

The industries covered include the following:

(1) Packaged food

(2) Retailing

(3) Consumer foodservice

(4) Alcoholic drinks

(5) Financial cards

Financial strength and resilience of the leading companies are contextualised using different performance metrics such as current ratio, working capital, EBITDA, industry turnover, net profit margin and return on assets margin. Such analysis is tailored to help companies assess the scale and magnitude of COVID-19 on short-term objectives (in order to respond) while keeping an eye on long-term performance (in order to recover and thrive).

These concise and informative reports allow you and your clients to:......................................................................................


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