Contactless transaction value has increased 50 times in the fiscal year 2015

Contactless is the future of electronic payments in Romania, this type of transactions has increased 50 times in value last year, according AGERPRES

“If in the '90 the cards were mainly used for cash withdrawals, they are now increasingly used for payments in the shops. Over two thirds of the Visa card payments are below 100 lei, which shows daily habit of paying by card, even smaller amounts. From this point of view, contactless is the immediate future for electronic payments in Romania to make much faster payments of small value and the increase of this type of transaction by 50 times as the value for the fiscal year 2015 is only the beginning of the success of this technology”, said Catalin Cretu, regional director for Romania, Croatia, Malta and Slovenia Visa Europe.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.