Celebrating Romania

Ten years ago , the Property Fund (the Fund) was established to compensate Romanians whose properties were confiscated during the former communist regime and in september 2010 we have been appointed as investment manager.

In 2011, my colleague Grzegorz Konieczny, from Bucharest , led the efforts to list the Fund on the Bucharest Stock Exchange and now, on April 29 , the Fund makes its debut on the London Stock Exchange . To honor this occasion , I asked Greg to share his impressions about making investments in Romania today , and also about the interesting changes that have occurred in recent years.


Romania's macroeconomic outlook


Last year, Romania's economic growth exceeded most European countries and we believe that Romania's economy can continue to grow at a similar rate or even higher than the growth of gross domestic product (GDP ) of 2.8 % in 2014.Romania has access to European Union's structural funds, which are one of the main EU instruments for sustaining economic growth , reducing disparities between EU regions. In our opinion , Romania's future growth is largely dependent on an increase in EU funds absorption , which can provide a significant source of funding for current and future projects , as well as for government spending for infrastructure projects.


For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.