JCV & Associates HQ in Avire Tower, Philippines, achieves IMMUNE Building Standard™ - 4 stars

JCV & Associates HQ in Avire Tower, Philippines, achieves IMMUNE Building Standard™ - 4 stars

Being IMMUNE Powerful means being resilient against the challenges of the future

The JCV & Associates Headquarters (JCVA) in Avire Tower, Quezon City, Philippines, has achieved IMMUNE Building Standard™ - 4 stars - Powerful. Healthy by Design Building Institute awarded the IMMUNE™ Powerful certificate and plaque to the JCVA team in a virtual ceremony earlier today.

Being IMMUNE Powerful means being resilient against the challenges of the future. At JCVA, we seek to be at the forefront of the growing IMMUNE-certified community in the Philippines. We will continue paving the way towards resistance against health threats by sustaining our own IMMUNE structures, areas, and building communities equipped with IMMUNE spaces”, said Jason C. Valderrama, President & CEO, JCV & Associates Project Management and Development Inc.


The JCVA headquarters is equipped with automatic and contactless dispensers, aimed at avoiding unnecessary contact as per COVID guidelines. The office is also equipped with an AC unit with a built-in filtration system and an ERV. To further reinforce the immunity against diseases, the company made sure to protect the office, using an air quality monitor, OH Radical Technology (Wellis) to sanitise air and surfaces, redundant air filtration machines, water filtration systems, and a dish steriliser.

Besides material technologies, JCVA also releases guidelines regarding COVID protocols for employees who were infected or had contact with someone infected with the disease. Recently, JCVA has also launched an Employee Wellbeing Program.

IMMUNE Building Standard™ was developed by Genesis Property and launched in 2020, immediately after the pandemic outbreak. Reaching Asia in 2022 and globally adopted by many companies around the world, it was conceived from the start to address the threats to the built environment caused by the pandemic.

Our continued growth in Asia is a testament to the recognition of what IMMUNE™ is proposing, as we witness significant projects, like JCVA, adopting our standard. The imperative for healthier indoor environments has never been greater, as the pandemic has heightened awareness of the impact of indoor air quality on employee wellbeing and tenant safety. IMMUNE™ offers a proactive approach to address not only present health concerns but also anticipate and prepare for the health challenges of the future, and we are proud to be part of the movement towards healthier indoor spaces,” added Darren Allen, Director, Healthy by Design Building Institute.


The JCVA office, located in Avire Tower, has implemented IMMUNE™ measures throughout the entire office space, including the enclosed rooms - conference rooms, meeting rooms, as well as open space areas. The measures were implemented from the start of occupancy, in November 2020, and further strengthened throughout the course of the global pandemic. 

Inspired by technologies and procedures grounded in science, the health and safety measures recommended by IMMUNE™ put people first and boost the immunity of the built environment against present and future health challenges, minimising the impact of pandemics such as COVID-19 and other bacteriological or toxicological threats.

About IMMUNE Building Standard™

IMMUNE Building Standard™, an innovative global standard that certifies the resilience of buildings to health threats such as the Covid-19 pandemic, was launched in 2020 by Genesis Property, a leader in Class A office development in Romania, with almost 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. Genesis Property owns and operates over 150,000 sqm of prime commercial real estate space for blue-chip clients such as HPE, DXC Technology, Accenture, Ericsson, Garanti BBVA, Infineon, Luxoft, Siemens and Alpha Bank, where more than 20,000 employees work.

Through IMMUNE™, the company aims to contribute sustainably to the creation of the healthy buildings of the future. Designed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this standard is inspired by advanced technologies and procedures successfully used in medical institutions and research facilities and adapted for use in commercial real estate.