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Romania has good opportunities to stand as a regional leader

Our commitment here in Romania is a strong one and we are constantly looking…


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Jovan Radosavljevic was named Coca-Cola HBC Romania's General Manager

Coca-Cola HBC announces the appointment of Jovan Radosavljevic as General Manager of Coca-Cola HBC…

Coca-Cola HBC Romania increased the volume sales by 6% last year

Coca-Cola HBC Romania, the leader of the soft drink industry, reported last year's sales…

Coca Cola HBC Romania invests 7 million euros in the factory in Timisoara

The first Romanian high-speed bottling line-dose, has a capacity of 90,000 doses / hour.

Constantin Bratu is the new Public Affairs & Communication Manager  Coca-Cola Romania and Moldova

Beginning in June 2017, Constantin Bratu joins Coca-Cola Romania, the leader of the soft…

The presence of the Coca Cola system in Romania brings an added-value of 448 million euros in the local economy

Coca-Cola announced today the results of the study "Socio-Economic Impact of the Coca-Cola System…