Top salaries by domains. Who are the best but also the most badly paid employees in Romania?

Top salaries by domains. Who are the best but also the most badly paid employees in Romania?

IT professionals, lawyers, bankers and human resources specialists were last year with the highest salaries in Romania, according to the annual HR Review & Trends report released by eJobs.

Based on the earnings from Paylab.ro, the first payroll comparator on the local market, the report shows that the top salary was dominated by IT in 2018, where the net average wage at national level was 5,731 lei , per month.

On the second place were the employees in the Legal field, with a monthly income of 4,571, followed by the Banking (4,226 lei) and the Human Resources (4,048 lei).

These are, in fact, the only areas where the net average wage exceeds the 4,000 lei threshold.
Under this level, but not at a very large distance, were Finance and Accounting (3,930 lei), Quality Control (3,646 lei), Insurances (3,565 lei), Constructions and Real Estate (3,234 lei), Public Administration (3,197) lei) and Mechanical Engineering (3.077 lei).

At the opposite of the previous top, the lowest net average salaries were registered in the textile industry (1,987 lei), in the wood processing industry (2,239 lei), in services (2,281 lei) and in guard and protection (2,335 lei ).

The top of domains with the highest salaries remains unchanged when talking about men's employees, and when we talk about women. Things are changing, but then we are doing gender segmentation in terms of the lowest wages.

Thus, the industries where women have the lowest wages are Textiles (1,877 lei), Wood Processing (2,027 lei), Services (2,182 lei), Guard and Protection (2,262 lei) and Agriculture (2,301 lei).

"Two of the areas in this top, namely Guard and Protection and Woodworking, are known to be mainly dominated by men.That's why their presence here rather highlights a small number of women working in the field than a gender pay gap, "said Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

Similar to the top-of-the-field areas where women earn the least, and the men are in the rankings Textile (2,098 lei), Services (2,380 lei), Guard and Protection (2,409 lei) and Woodworking (2,450 lei). The hierarchy is, however, complemented by the Chemical industry (2,476 lei).

The geographical distribution of net average wages shows that, surprisingly, the Bucharest-Ilfov area holds the first place among the top wage regions, the average being of 2,989 lei.
More interesting is the second place occupying the West of Romania, and not the Northwest, a region renowned for socio-economic growth in recent years.

Thus, Western employees have net average salaries of 2,745 lei, monthly, the Northwest of 2,729 lei, those in the Center - 2,666 lei, the South-Eastern ones - 2,618 lei. Media in the South (Muntenia) region is 2,580 lei, in the North-East 2,548 lei, and in South-West Oltenia 2,535 lei.

"The year 2019 began to be very dynamic, as did 2018, with almost 9 million applications for jobs across the country, abroad and at all levels of experience. And 2019 wants to claim this record. It is the third year we launch Review & Trends, and in each of these years the figures have shown us that HR is anything but boring. We are expecting an equally dynamic pace of employment, as in 2018, in one-off wage increases, but not in all areas, and in a change of approach, both in terms of candidates and employers ", added Bogdan Badea.