The new TeCOMM Bucharest edition was launched! Find out the latest news and confirmed speakers

The new TeCOMM Bucharest edition was launched! Find out the latest news and confirmed speakers

TeCOMM eCommerce Conference & Expo returns to Bucharest on 10 April, with a new edition, in a new location!

The theme of this edition is eCommerce made personalized and focuses on personalization: from finding those solutions that help online stores in Romania sell more, to providing content tailored to current business needs.

Efficiently structured in keynote speech, one-man-show, workshops, and easy networking - the event helps business owners see new growth opportunities in their industry.

First speakers confirmed

Nick Lansley [UK] - Director and Innovation Insider | Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab, one of the pioneers of eCommerce, has been aware of the growth of online advertising since the early 1990s, and stores will also sell to a larger audience.

He formed the first team of innovation for online services of Tesco brand, one of the largest British retailers. It is inspired by customer business, and expertise combines innovation, strategy and deployment in eCommerce.

Nick's presentation will teach you how to innovate in your online business and how to gain ground in the industry by implementing innovative projects.

Along with him, on the stage of TECOMM, both in one-man show and workshops will go: Ivan Imhoff (Founder, Cognytive ltd), Xenia Muntean (Co-Founder & CEO, Planable), Catalin Matei (CEO, Increase Media), Sorin Despot (Senior Marketing Manager, Twispay).

Networking in a new format: Brella, implemented for the first time in Romania

Business events have an excellent component but are often placed on a secondary level: networking.

As well as art and science, networking is about human interaction, but it requires clear objectives, social abilities and the ability to communicate effectively, to open paths to new collaborations.

TeCOMM implements for the first time for Romania Brella, the networking platform meant to establish business meetings 1-1.

"Through TeCOMM, we bring together the owners of online stores in Eastern Europe every year. We understand the value of networks, the connection with the business environment and the ultimate benefit of such events. Without doubt, social networks and events like TeCOMM help you reach people you could not have known just as easily. This edition, we focus on content and experience - we have chosen an exclusive location, we have confirmed charismatic speakers, well prepared and eager to pass on their experience, "said the organizers Libero Events.

Short radiography of the eCommerce market at the beginning of 2019

Although it is still undergoing a learning process, the eCommerce market in Romania is on the rise, with PayU forecasting that it will reach 3.5 billion euros this year. Figures show an estimated 15,000 online stores, and those who stay in the top are constantly investing in technology, attracting specialists to each niche, and the more or less required orientation to cross-border trade.

Compared to the Western markets, the Romanian market is gradually maturing and is getting better and better: both in terms of start-ups that attract foreign investors and through more and more specialized services.

The organizers started the enrollment at the event, currently launching a early bird campaign with special prices for the TeCOMM community: www.bucharest.tecomm.ro


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