The History of Electricity painted on an Enel substation

Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Guglielmo Marconi and Nicola Tesla, important personalities who contributed to the development of electricity, were celebrated by Enel through paintings on a substation in Bucharest

Urban artist Mihai Comanescu, aka Boeme, painted on the four walls of the substation located under Pipera Bridge key moments in the century-old history of innovation that made possible the modern life as we witness it today.


Within its third edition, the City of Energy project dedicated paintings on several substations to different forms and styles of art, each theme being unique.


Thus, the walls of a substation in Titan Park in Bucharest became a huge colouring book, much to the delight of children, parents and grandparents that were invited to paint it with chalk, water colours and painting brushes.


Urban artist Allan Dalla unleashed his creative energy on a substation in Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest, by painting the first anamorphic image in the country. By looking at it from a certain angle, the work reveals one of the artist’s well-known characters. An anamorphic image is a projection from a distorted perspective; the viewer needs to use special devices or to look at the image from a particular perspective in order to see the image.


In spring, Enel celebrated the Biodiversity Day through the artistic transformation of a substation in Constanta’s Aquarium. Six species of endangered plants, birds and mammals in Dobrogea and the Black Sea region were depicted and painted by a local artist, with the aim at drawing attention to species protection among the young generation.


Finally, another art style was used on a substation in Carol Park, Bucharest, where hundreds of balloons filled with paint launched by tens of young people reproduced the work of famous artist Jackson Pollock. The number of balloons was decided by the fans of Enel Sharing Romania Facebook page, using as many painting balloons as their “likes”. 


The City of Energy project will continue to transform the city using art and colours in innovative works of art belonging to young artists, painted on the walls of Enel’s substations.