The General Meeting of the Shareholders approves the financial results of 31 December 2015 and confirms the mandates of the Board members

In the General Meeting of the Winmarkt Shareholders, the largest network of shopping centers in Romania, acquired in March 2008 by the Immobiliare Grande Distribuzione (IGD), the Italian company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, the financial results of 31.12.2015 have been approved and renewed the mandates of the board members.

The financial situation


Key Figures:

• The net revenue of the rentals: 8.7 mil. euro (+4,5 % compared with 2014, +6.3 % Like for like)

• EBITDA: 5.9 mil. euro (+4 % compared with 2014)

• The net profit of the Group: 1.1 million euro

• FFO: 5.4 million euro (+5.9 % compared with 2014)

• Level of employment: 94.4% (on the rise from 86.1 % in 2014)

• Trafic: 30.5 million visitors (+2.2 % compared with 2014)

"In 2015, we recorded satisfactory results from both an operational and an economical point of view. Our expectations regarding the growth performance have been confirmed since the first quarter of 2015. The growth is also supported by the positive macroeconomic trends and market trends (GDP + 3.6%, + 5% consumption), which allowed us to achieve important objectives, confirming the value of our strategy to strengthen the business in the medium term " said Carlo Barban, Chief Executive Officer.

For more information, please see the Romanian version of the article, here.