The first dual-class system supported by E-Distribution Muntenia, ready to receive the future electricians

The first dual-class system supported by E-Distribution Muntenia, ready to receive the future electricians

After graduating, accredited electricians will have employment opportunities within the E-Distribution companies.

The first dual-class system for young electricians, supported by E-Distributie Muntenia, starts today at the Energy Technical College in Bucharest.

The program aims to give students access to sound professional training, in line with the latest technologies implemented by E-Distributie companies, as well as to help reduce the shortage of specialized personnel forecasted in the energy sector.

An important component of the program is practical training, both in the colleges' laboratories and E-Distributie Muntenia installations.

In the first year of the program, at least 20% of the hours will be practical training in the E-Distributie Muntenia installations, and this percentage will increase to 60% in the second year and to 70% in the third year. Practical training will include mentoring hours with specialists and tutors of E-Distribution Muntenia, specially trained for these activities.

The program is organized in the dual educational system, which assures the support of E-Distribution Muntenia to the Energy Technical College of Bucharest during the 3 years of study. The company will double the scholarship granted in the state vocational education system.

In addition, E-Distribution Muntenia will support various needs of the students, such as the expenses related to labor medicine examinations and compulsory medical analyzes, work and protective equipment, lunch, daily, transport and accommodation expenses for students outside Bucharest, subscriptions to internal transport in Bucharest, study visits.

Future electricians who want to become a team leader will be able to take masters courses, and those wishing to continue their studies will be able to attend the baccalaureate exam while they are hired. Further, those wishing to become engineers will be able to attend a faculty profile.