TeCOMM 2019, the event of the year in eCommerce: relevant content, real connections and customizing the buying experience

TeCOMM 2019, the event of the year in eCommerce: relevant content, real connections and customizing the buying experience

More than 330 participants working in the digital environment were present at the eCommerce industry event, TeCOMM 2019 - Bucharest edition.

The event took place on April 10 and brought guests that delivered over 16 hours of premium content, a dicussion panel of solutions and a special guide created for cross-border trade. At the same time, the event included the Google Digital Workshop, Brella - the intuitive networking platform implemented for the first time in Romania and an exhibition area with complete solutions for online business performance.

In a volatile environment where algorithms make the rules of the game, human intuition makes the difference between the experiences offered - and the business exchange currency becomes the user's attention and not the information itself. The eCommerce industry is constantly expanding and therefore, personalization of the user's journey and process automation become crucial in purchasing decisions.

What did TeCOMM 2019 Bucharest meant?

More than 20 speakers have delivered over 16 hours of uninterrupted quality content through keynote speeches, practical workshops and masterclasses with instantly applicable tips, case studies, eCommerce trends, and real-time business analyzes.

If Rares Banescu had identified live the problems faced by online store owners present, Nick Lansley spoke about innovation in eCommerce and the authentic way in which it must take place, while Jan Lastuvka encouraged owners to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, and Mihai Vinatoru talked about the necessity of building a content that meets the visitor`s needs.

Loyalty is an important element of marketing strategies, so from Wouter van Horssen we have learned that rewarding the consumers behavior through loyalty points, excellent services and products, motivates customers to come back for a new acquisition. Toma Matei said that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a product if they have a special and fluid experience with the brand interaction, and Cristian Ignat has made the audience aware of software robots and the benefits they can bring to a company - through automation.

The second part of the event consisted of four workshops (supported by Xenia Muntean, Sorin Despot, Gabriel Caramis, Dan Koblicska) and two masterclasses (supported by Ivan Imhoff and Catalin Matei), where participants can practically apply all the assimilated information - about communication and engagement, decision-making, human resource management for social media, AI chatbots.

BRELLA, the innovation of this edition

Networking remains a crucial element at the level of innovative areas. For the first time in Romania, TeCOMM has invested in networking through a dedicated and double-winning platform for the London Event Tech Technique & Best Conference Technology, for participants to have the right connections at the right times and with the discretion needed for business meetings - simply by accessing Brella's phone application.

In figures, Brella meant 130 participants enrolled in the application and 75 scheduled meetings with a 30% engagement rate before the event and 69% during the event.

CROSS-BORDER FORUM powered by PayU has meant a cross-border commerce solution panel dedicated to online store owners who are expanding or wanting to expand across the country. Based on a practical guide developed in conjunction with GoMag, the discussion points included countries for expansion, legislation, logistics, transportation, online content, payment processors, competition analysis, accounting, scalability, marketing & social media, DOs and DON'Ts , and the discussion was moderated by Vlad Andriescu, editor-in-chief @ start-up.ro.

The representatives of PayU Romania, DHL Express Romania, Twispay, ContentSpeed, Coletaria, Retargeting.biz, Moloso Agency, Keez, have discussed all the necessary steps for enlargement, together with the problems and related solutions when selling takes place across multiple markets. During the cross-border forum, the questions of the present owners were answered.

Reliable partnerships have been a central pillar of the event - from common web design services to digital innovations, cash back, cross-border mail or loyalty programs, the exhibition area has been the place where new collaborations have been created or even consolidated. Partners as Keez.ro, Samdam, DWF, GunMedia, Canopy, DHL Express Romania, Coletaria.ro, GoMag, Retargeting.biz, Use-beez, Woobble or Inovo Solutions have prepared activities at their stand to attract potential partners, Keywords of the day.

"TeCOMM 2019 - Bucharest edition shows that while adapting to consumer needs remains a must have, online store owners must keep pace with the latest technologies and offer experiences that differentiate them from the rest of the market with a strong personalization. The development of the online market in Romania will benefit from the active contribution of each of us and the performance of the industry starts with individual performance, print a suitable mix of resources used at maximum capacity, "declared the organizers, Libero Events.

Partners contributing alongside with TeCOMM to the development of the eCommerce industry: GoMag, Retargeting.biz, Netopia Payments, BCR, Noah, Twispay, Planable, Canopy, DWF, TeamDeals, Samdam, Increase Media, Woobble, ContentSpeed, Beez, Pay U, Google, Host Vision, Gun Media, Keez, City Limo, Total Solution, Inovo, Coletaria.ro.