Secom's Functional and Integrative Medicine Center extends its portfolio with a new functional nutrition service

Secom's Functional and Integrative Medicine Center extends its portfolio with a new functional nutrition service

The Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine Secom, the first Center that applied the concept of integrative medicine for the first time in Romania, launches the functional nutrition service in order to prevent and reduce the causes and manifestations of the diseases of the modern society.

The functional and integrative medicine, recognized as the medicine of the future, treats the patient, not his illness, centered on the patient and on the cause of the condition, believing that each patient is unique and that there are no standard treatments.

This type of health care is based on the patient's holistic analysis (medical history, genetic, emotional, mental, environmental, social, lifestyle, diet), on identifying imbalances, disease causes, and developing personalized natural treatments , integrated with other treatments followed by the patient.

The functional and integrative medicine establishes a patient-to-physician relationship between the patient and the physician and is also aimed at prevention, encouraging patients to adopt proactive attitudes and develop healthy habits to maintain good quality of life.

Secom's Functional and Integrative Medicine Center has been supporting the health of Romanians for over 17 years through scientific phytotherapy programs based on the principles of functional and integrative medicine, with 18,000 patients achieving favorable results from complementary treatments recommended by the medical team.

Starting in 2019, the Secom Center offers its patients a functional and integrative nutrition service, an important component of functional medicine that, through food and nutrients introduced in a personalized way in the diet, can prevent, diminish or even treat various diseases and support a style of healthy life.

"We have reached a point in the development of civilization in which we reassess the relationship we have with food, again focusing on the essential role that nutrition has in maintaining or regaining health. This change of perspective is supported by recent studies that have shown that unhealthy eating is a major cause of modern society diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis. With the new functional nutrition service at the Secom Center, we aim to improve the health of our patients by offering personalized, measurable, realistic, easy-to-follow nutrition programs integrated with their own lifestyle. We are talking about changing small habits, but in the long run they can have huge positive effects that can even save lives, "said Andrei Costea, Managing Partner of Secom's Functional and Integrative Medicine Center.

Nutritional advice is being conducted at the Secom Functional and Integrative Medicine Center in interconnected stages and results in more than a standard diet or diet. Nutrition programs are individualized, elaborated on scientific, flexible criteria, and provide the joy of eating without complicated calorie calculations without any feelings of guilt over eventual deviations from the recommendations received. If necessary, these programs can be associated with personalized natural treatments to address the present conditions and reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

The nutrition programs developed at the Secom Center are aimed at people who want to achieve and maintain optimal body weight, those with acute or chronic conditions, but also those who want to adopt a responsible behavior towards their own body in order to maintain their health and vitality.

The main strengths of the Secom Center are over 17 years of experience in scientific phytotherapy, over 18,000 patients with positive developments under the recommended natural treatments and the team of experts in functional and integrative medicine. The Secom Center team is made up of professionals who not only provide quality medical services, but more than that, provide time, attention, readiness to listen and respond with empathy and respect to the patient.

"At the Secom Functional and Integrative Medicine Center, we pay special attention to building a partnership relationship between the patient and the medical team, a key relationship in the healing process. Thus, we give the patient the time to answer his questions, to explain the results of the medical tests in an easy way, to understand his health, the causes and risks of the disease, the purpose and benefits of the recommended natural treatments. Our primary concern is to ensure that each patient of the Secom Center is more informed, more confident and more determined to live healthy, " added Andrei Costea.

More details about the Secom Integrated Functional and Integrative Medicine Center's complete service portfolio, including the new functional nutrition service, can be found at https://www.secom.ro/centru-de-medicina-integrativa/.