European companies turn to IBM AI and Hybrid Cloud to move to the next chapter of digital transformation in the automotive industry

European companies turn to IBM AI and Hybrid Cloud to move to the next chapter of digital transformation in the automotive industry

Volkswagen, Moovster and Vinturas are working with IBM to ensure a deeper understanding of the business across the automotive value chain.

IBM today announced its collaboration with the following European companies - Volkswagen (Germany), Moovster (Germany) and Vinturas (the Netherlands) - which could redefine the future of these automotive industries through AI and Cloud Hybrid.

"Our relationship with vehicles and the way we experience mobility can change drastically over the next ten years," said Dirk Wollschlaeger, general manager of Global Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Industries, IBM. "AI and the Hybrid Cloud are perceived as key factors for the evolution of business models and driver relationships, involving personalized digital services integrated into and around the vehicle."

A survey conducted by IBM in September 2017 among automotive industry executives around the world showed that 73% of those surveyed believe that future mobility services will need to be created with consumers as digital technologies redefine the relationship that we have it with our vehicles.
IBM is working on introducing Cloud Hybrid and AI solutions - including IoT and Blockchain - into the automotive industry to boost their digital reinvention.

IBM announces collaboration in developing process

Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH in Zwickau, Germany, supports the Volkswagen Group's commitment to annually sell more than one million electric vehicles by 2025. VW Sachsen is working with IBM to implement SAP S / 4HANA ™, which serves as a driver to make global financial activity more efficient for the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand.

Moovster, the Mobility and Artificial Intelligence Initiative based in Munich, has developed a new Mobility-as-a-Service platform for employers, employees, citizens and smart cities who want to contribute to the development of mobility in big cities.

Moovster makes day-to-day mobility more flexible, saves money for users and rewards sustaining sustainable and healthy mobility.
The Moovster solution for increasingly crowded cities is motivating users to choose alternative transport options such as personal bicycle, electric scooter, sharing offers, or public transport. The solution runs in the IBM Cloud. More details on getmoovster.com.

Vinturas, a Dutch logistics company, uses IBM Blockchain technologies to help improve the experience of buying a new or second-hand machine.

Using the blockchain to replace previous paper systems, the Vinturas platform will create greater transparency and efficiency in vehicle circulation between manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies, helping to increase consumer confidence and reduce VAT, mileage and tax on import taxes , which costs billions of dollars in Europe each year.
Other recent examples of how industry uses IBM Cloud and AI technologies to change their work methods include:

Slovenia's Elaphe Propulsion Technologies selected IBM Cloud to access IBM's Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and to help improve the safety of future-generation autonomous and hybrid electric and hybrid vehicles. With IBM Cloud, Elaphe can analyze real-time information about driving conditions and vehicle performance to generate valuable information to help develop and operate vehicles that use the company's in-wheel propulsion systems.

Audi UK chose BBH and IBM iX to develop a new digital branding experience, renewing all digital contact points on different Audi channels. IBM iX and BBH work together to combine strategy, creativity and technology to support the digital reinvention of Audi UK.