Quality and tradition make the difference among manufacturer brands

Private labels distinguish by a good quality / price rate

Heidi holds the first position among the brands in consumer goods whose quality Romanians trust the most, according to National Brands & Private Labels Drivers GfK syndicated study. The second place in the top is Santal, followed by Zewa. Fourth and fifth positions are occupied by Granini and Bel Vita.


Top quality brands in FMCG













Bel Vita


GfK National Brands & Private Labels Drivers analyzes five pillars driving Romanian consumers to buy consumer goods and to differentiate them from other players in the market: brand presence, the ability to make the consumer feel good, trust in quality, trust in brand heritage and bargain.


Brand presence refers to the presence and availability of the brand, the variety of assortments, the product launches, the communication campaigns, but also to how it interacts or dialogue with consumers. To make consumers feel good is talking about the brand’s ability to provide them a better quality of life, harmony, a status they are happy with and joy.


The trust in a brand translates into the quality and the tradition, essential elements in the purchasing decision.


"What is a brand? The ideas, the memories, and the feelings evoked every time someone thinks of the brand. When those mental associations make the associated product or service more salient, more interesting, or more compelling than the alternatives, they create value.


And value moves products from the shelf. In addition, permanent portfolio optimization and positioning brands in the right price segment and with the attributes which answer to a real consumers’ need are the best strategies of differentiation", says Gabriela Luca, Market Strategy Advisor GfK Romania.


In the top regarding the confidence in brand quality, Heidi differentiates strongly particularly on the attributes regarding the full confidence that consumers have in this brand and the fact that they meet very high expectations. The next two brands in the top stand out by characteristics such as excellent quality and greater confidence that consumers have in them compared to other brands.


A second important component in building trust is the essence of the brand, understood as a brand with tradition, a legendary brand that consumers know for a long time. In this chapter, Coca -Cola and Pepsi detain the first positions, followed by Kinder, Joe and Jacobs.


Private labels are younger on the market, so they don’t differentiate in terms of tradition or brand presence. But they are well positioned when we speak about bargain. The two private labels that we find in the top five on this pillar are Pilos and Promienna.