Private pensions on 30 June 2014

The value of total assets under administration at the level of the entire private pensions system was of RON 17.5bn on 30 June 2014 (+18.42% compared to 31 December 2013).

The value of total assets calculated in euros is of around 4 billion euros. Compated to the GDP estimated for 2014 (RON 663.3bn), the total actives represent 2.64% of the GDP.


Private pensions (Pillar II) on 30 June 2014


On 30 June 2014, 6.16 million people were registered as participants in the private pensions system (+2.02% compared to December 2013). Of the 6.16 million people registered, approximately 190,000 people had no contributions transferred since the start of Pillar II in Romania (May 2008), the number of participants with at least one contribution reaching 5.97 million.


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