Price for old apartments in Romania fell by 3 percent in 2012

The average purchase value for old apartments lost 3 percent since the beginning of 2012, according to a study published by specialized portal Imopedia.ro

Residents in Bucharest opted by 12 percent for studios, while 38 percent of Bucharest buyers acquired 2-room apartments.
Most of them, 42 percent went for 3-room apartments while only 8 percent purchased units with 4 or more rooms. According to the study, most buyers in Bucharest looked for the northern part of the city, as Baneasa, Bucurestii Noi, Aviatiei. In South, the buyers looked for areas as Berceni, Popesti-Leordeni, Brancoveanu and Oltenitei.
In 2012, residents in Bucharest, as 63 percent opted for units with a sale price of around 60,000 Euro and most of them (70 percent) looked for old apartments.