LIDL launches new employer brand campaign: Share the joy of LIDL!

LIDL launches new employer brand campaign: Share the joy of LIDL!

Lidl Romania launches a new employer branding campaign, "Share the joy of Lidl " aiming to highlight the importance and role of all employees that make it possible for the products that are loved by customers to reach store shelves.

The "Share the joy of Lidl " campaign aims to attract new employees to share with their customers everything they love at Lidl.

Lidl surprises every day customers with the best value-for-money products around the world and with specialties and ingredients from different corners of the world through the renowned Thematic Weeks.

For all those who enjoy the experience that Lidl offers through their own brand products, daily and weekly offers, the "Share the joy of Lidl " campaign gives them the chance to be part of all that they love at Lidl and give joy away from the job position. Lidl customers enjoy French, Iberian, Greek, Italian or Asian flavors and flavors directly in the country thanks to Lidl.

From employees who build stores, acquire products, manage inventory to those who store them at the shelf, each of them has an essential role in making it possible for the tastes and quality of Lidl products around the world to reach all consumers in the country.

All those who are eager to take the lead Lidl can apply to the positions available in the Lidl team between March and June 2019, accessing the platforms cariere.lidl.ro where they can upload their CV.

The cities in which the campaign takes place are: Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj, Bistrita, Bacau, Eforie Sud, Resita, Sibiu, Busteni, Corbeanca, Mogosoaia, Pipera, Snagov, Stefanestii de Jos, Voluntari, Tunari, Medias, Avrig , Arad, Alba Iulia, Sinaia, Suceava, Tulcea.

Lidl Romania is leading the retail market, in terms of remuneration packages offered. From March 1, 2019, the lowest gross income offered by Lidl has a monthly average of 3,500 lei, i.e. 2,180 lei net.

In addition, Lidl invests in development and training programs for employees that are tailored to their professional level, to their training needs, and to their skills.
Training and learning programs are developed to meet the needs of all categories of employees and provide them with development opportunities both in the short and long term. An example of this is the Management Academies that are structured, depending on the level (middle or senior management), but also according to the specialized area, with a high degree of personalization in the areas that are in the direct interface with the clients (sales teams).

For the categories of specialists there are established annual training plans related to the individual development goals agreed with the manager in the annual Talent Management process. A particular attention is paid to shop employees for whom there are annual training plans to ensure the correct knowledge and application of Lidl processes and principles.

Due to constant investments in improving working conditions and professional development offered to employees, Lidl Romania obtained the "Top Employer" certification for the third consecutive year in 2018.