EU-funded Executive training program in Japan and South Korea

Enrolment continues for next cycle starting in 2014

The selection of the executives for the new 2014 cycle of the Executive Training Programme (ETP) is open until 31 May 2014. The program will run from November 2014 to November 2015. There are 45 places available for ETP Japan and 15 for ETP South Korea.


ETP is a business and human resources development program financed by the European Union which enables EU managers and their companies to develop their business plan and build knowledge of Japanese/ South Korean business practices, culture and language in order to succeed in these markets.


“Upon return, executives will already have a business plan for developing their companies and an understanding of the Japanese or South Korean market so well as to be able to penetrate that market”, stated Ioana Vadan, Consultant Deloitte Romania, and coordinator of this stage of the program.


In this respect, the European Union helps Romanian executives by funding the whole training course and providing a scholarship (26,400 Euro a year for Japan, and 24,000 Euro a year for South Korea). Sponsoring companies, meaning employers of selected executives are encouraged to contribute to the living expenses of ETP participants.


A survey conducted among the participants in the program showed that over 65% of them became top managers within their companies. Moreover, the business cooperation with Japan and South Korea improved significantly, as the turnover of the respective companies has doubled within 10 years since the completion of the program.


In order to be selected, the executives must be EU citizens and employees of European companies which intend to start or to expand their operations in Japan and South Korea. The program has three stages:

·         A 3-week introductory training course, in London – on the economy, culture, and modern society of Japan and South Korea;

·         30 weeks of intensive management, business and language training in Tokyo or Seoul;

·         12 weeks of internship within a Japanese or South Korean company.


The trainings are provided by three world’s top universities:

·         School of Oriental and African Studies, London University;

·         Waseda University (Tokyo);

·         Yonsei University (Seoul).


European executives can apply by accessing the website www.euetp.eu. Interested companies benefit from Deloitte assistance during the whole application process, as well as for the stages following the acceptance into the program.