ENEL ranks 28th in the FORTUNE 2018 top of the companies that change the world

ENEL ranks 28th in the FORTUNE 2018 top of the companies that change the world

Enel is the only Italian company in the ranking of companies that "grows good for others"

The Enel Group has been included in the prestigious "Companies Changing the World" for the third year of the four-year existence of the top companies in the world that have a positive social impact through activities that are an intrinsic element of their strategy and operations business.

Fortune has appreciated Enel for its constant commitment to renewable energy, confirmed by the zero-emission generation portfolio, which now accounts for more than half of the Group's global electricity production (51%). Moreover, the ranking highlights Enel's Open Power strategy, which means strengthening the role of promoter of "green technologies and tactics along with many global partners."

Francesco Starace, CEO and CEO of Enel, said: "Enel's presence for the third time in Fortune 'Changing World Companies' is a confirmation of the Group's role as initiator of change and as a leader in the global energy transition . Fortune highlights how our Open Power strategy acts as a platform to help solve the biggest challenges people have to face.

In order to increase our impact in all innovation and sustainability initiatives globally, Enel is collaborating with a network of newly established start-ups and industrial and academic partners. Through the 8 Innovation Centers, Enel launched 147 projects with start-up companies, of which 39 have evolved to the industrial development phase over the past three years. "

The "World Changing Companies" ranking was launched by Fortune four years ago to emphasize its belief that capitalism should be celebrated for its "prosperity to good for others".Fortune begins the process with an open call for nominations from business, academic and nonprofit organizations worldwide, in partnership with, amongst others, FSG, a nonprofit consulting firm in the field of social impact, the Joint Value Initiative , a global platform for organizations looking for business solutions for social challenges, and Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard Business School.

A team of Fortune journalists assesses and places the company's ranking in the ranking according to four factors:

- The quantifiable social impact criterion defines the scale, nature and sustainability of the impact the company has on a specific social issue;

- Business results define the benefit that social impact efforts bring to the company;

- The degree of innovation measures the level of innovation of the company compared to companies operating in the same industry and if other companies have followed suit;

- Corporate integration defines the extent to which a company's efforts integrate into its overall strategy and how well the strategy is communicated at all levels of activity.

The Enel Group is also ranked No. 83 in the Fortune Global 500 Index of the largest companies in the world. It is included in the 24-year list, based on solid financial results.