Endava 1 year after its listing at the New York Stock Exchange: 2.07 billion dollars capitalisation and an increase of 91.5% of the share price

Endava 1 year after its listing at the New York Stock Exchange: 2.07 billion dollars capitalisation and an increase of 91.5% of the share price

Endava, one of the most important software companies, present on the local market with seven delivery centers, reaches an almost double capitalization, 2.07 billion dollars, on July 26, 2019, one year after listing.

The share price also recorded a 91.5% increase, reaching $ 38.31 from an initial value of $ 20 per share on July 26, 2018. Endava has over 2,700 employees in Romania in its delivery centers in Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Bucharest, Pitesti, Targu-Mures, Timisoara and Brasov, out of a total of 5,573 globally, as of the end of the third quarter (31 March 2019).

The Endava technology company, which allows partners to digitally transform their own organizations, is one of the most attractive players in a market estimated at $ 390 billion in 2019, with a potential to reach $ 622 billion in 2022, according to IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide report, released in October 2018.

In October last year, Endava signed a strategic partnership with Bain & Company, thus combining Bain's management consulting services with those of enterprise delivery based on the latest generation technology of Endava, and in April 2019, Endava became the main partner of FinTech Alliance.  

As far as customers are concerned, currently, Endava's revenues are generated largely by companies operating in the payments and financial services industry, followed by those in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) and other economic sectors such as consumer goods, retail or logistics. In the last 5 years, 89.1% of the revenues reported in each fiscal year were generated by the existing clients in the portfolio in the previous year.

Endava in Romania


"The first year after Endava became a listed company on New York Stock Exchange was dedicated to consolidating operations in Bucharest and Pitesti. We focused on developing value added services by launching a new department dedicated to the data area, which complements the Business Analysis and Business Intelligence capabilities already existing in the company and we have strengthened our Salesforce skills by adding a team of 32 senior consultants in June. Besides these directions, we focus on innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data for our next projects. Also, last month we announced the opening of the new delivery center in Brasov, part of the regional development strategy, " said Claudiu Constantinescu, Endava Regional Manager for the Central and Eastern Europe region.


"Our main objective remains to create a context in which our colleagues can develop professionally, but also as individuals, while contributing to the creation of innovative solutions in different business areas. We continue to develop our client portfolio and expertise in technologies such as IPA, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Python, Mobile and Internet of Things, along with our own technology stack. We also continued to support the local communities we belong to.
From our collaboration with Tasuleasa Social, which has developed considerably, in partnership with Jazz in the Park and TIFF, supporting local digitalization initiatives, mobility and Smart City strategies, as well as collaborating with local universities to support future IT specialists in developing technical skills. , we aim to share our culture based on technological excellence to produce positive changes around us. The team from Cluj-Napoca and Targu-Mures currently has over 1,250 people, who work in three office buildings. Besides the continuous development in Cluj-Napoca, we have added to our region a new delivery center in Timisoara, where we intend to continue growing the business, considering the high potential of the people from here ”
, said Isabela Buhai, Endava Regional Manager for the part. of NV of Central and Eastern Europe.


"In Iasi, we focused on the strategic growth and development of the teams, by recruiting 177 new colleagues, acquiring new skills and capabilities (Data Science, BI, ML, DevOps) and collaborating with 11 new clients to whom we offer solutions. high quality software.
At the same time, we found it important to support the community of our colleagues and their families. Therefore, as part of the CSR campaign " Be a change maker", we supported through donations equipping the Oncology Section of the Regional Pediatric Hospital ”Sf. Maria " from Iasi",
added Iulian Antonovici, Delivery Unit Manager Endava Iasi.

The company has three directions on which the future strategy is based: the focus on technological excellence and innovation, the delivery of added value to its customers and partners and creation of a framework in which employees can become their best version, offering them careers full of challenges and satisfactions.