Dent Estet: Romanians' preference for premium dental treatments grows

Dent Estet: Romanians' preference for premium dental treatments grows

Digital technologies and premium dental care solutions are gaining ground in Romanian preferences.

This behavior is supported by the results of Dent Estet, part of the MedLife group, which reports for 2018 a 40% increase in services with innovative technologies compared to the previous year. At the same time, the total number of implants performed last year at Dent Estet clinics increased by 51% from 2017, most of which are premium implants.

"Dent Estet demonstrates that when a well-developed and long-term business vision and strategy is in place, a Romanian company can perform and excel in Romania. In 20 years of activity, Dent Estet continues to be an innovative business that promotes harmless dental medicine, confirmed by the trust of over 80,000 patients registered at the group level so far, "says Mihai Marcu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MedLife.

As far as the team of specialists is concerned, last year it grew by about 100 people, of whom 20 are physicians. At present, at the level of the group, there are 320 specialists, Dent Estet being the largest employer on the Romanian dental services market. Half of the clinic medical team is more than five years old in the company, many doctors are part of the team for 10 or even 15 years, and the first doctors who joined us are still in the company.

"Beyond figures and statistics, we are most glad to have been able to form a strong core around teamwork with the mission of serving the patient's needs. A dedicated and united team is paramount for the development of any business, and in our case the team's stability is an important engine of development. The fact that we still have with us the doctors with whom we started 20 years ago, a strong management team, which currently counts 19 middle and top managers with a unique organigram in the market, constantly communicating with the medical team, strengthens our focus for healthy and responsible growth, "says Oana Taban, Founder & General Manager of Dent Estet Group.

Over 23,000 patients visited Dent Estet clinics in 2018, of whom about 9,000 are new patients. Dent Estet, thus exceeds 80,000 patients registered over the course of time in their 20 years of activity.

The patient benefits from all the specialties of dentistry under the same roof, which means that treatment sessions are made more efficient by avoiding visits to several locations or reducing their number.

"The medical and plurivalent medical case in the dental services market has developed a lot in recent years, which means that the market is becoming more and more mature. The healthy development of existing clinics remains our primary focus on 20 years of activity. We are constantly aware of the latest innovations and we are constantly looking forward to adding the latest technology to our portfolio. We will, of course, follow the evolution of the market, but also the identification of potential cities where we can invest. We are not pursuing a volume development and so, but it is important that every step we take is a healthy one, sustained and provide stability for the future team that will work there. The most important thing for us is that in every city we bring the know-how and our whole business model, to offer the same level of quality in all our clinics, "says Dr. Oana Taban, Founder & General Manager of Dent Group Estet.

The costs of the past two years with opening new clinics, the acquisition of digital equipment and technologies exceed 2.5 million euros. In 2019, Dent Estet will focus on strengthening the business in cities where it already operates and developing existing clinics by expanding its portfolio with new technologies, digitization and artificial intelligence solutions.

Currently, the group has a network of 10 clinics, seven of which in Bucharest (two for children, one for adolescents, four for adults) and three outside the capital: a clinic for children in Timisoara and two other clinics in Sibiu for adults and the second dedicated to children only). The total cumulated area of ​​all clinics in the group and offices is over 3,600 square meters.

This year, the Dent Estet Group celebrates 20 years of existence in the Romanian dentistry market, during which it became the largest operator in terms of turnover, number of units, but also of the team.

The Dent Estet Group includes DENT ESTET Clinic SA, Green Dental Clinic SRL, Dentist 4 Kids and Aspen Laboratories.