Change the story of your career and be one of the first dental management specialists in the country

How many of you have had a dental appointment and because of delays, you had to wait too long before being taken over by a doctor? This is a major discomfort for patients, and also for the physician overcome by tasks to be fulfilled.

Additionally to a flawless medical act, the dentist must ensure that other aspects of the dental clinic are also perfectly functional. And the lack of a specialist who would coordinate the clinic beyond the dental chair determines a bad experience of the patient in the office, and a tense atmosphere in the team.


Soon, however, things will change! The solution comes from the Dental Office Managers School, the first program for entry and middle level management in Romania forming specialists in the management of dental clinics.


Find out more about DOM and how to register, by accessing the website http://www.dentalmanagers.ro or by calling: 0754 888 023.