Between the 30th of September and the 3rd of October, METRO Expo becomes the meeting place of professional clients

METRO Cash&Carry Romania continues to show commitment to its professional clients, by presenting the newest solutions and programs designed for their business, during METRO Expo.

One of the largest events dedicated to trade and business in South-Eastern Europe, METRO Expo is a point of interest for trade professionals, being a source of information regarding the newest trends from the trade industry and also an interaction space for METRO Romania clients and partners.


During September 30 and the October 3 METRO Cash&Carry Romania will transform the Central Pavilion of Romexpo in a field of interest for all its partners and clients in Romania. During METRO Expo, we will be presenting solutions and programs developed by the company to offer support to all professionals from traditional trade, HoReCa, services, companies and institutions, and also the proposals and offers from the partners of METRO.


“METRO Expo is a milestone for us, but also for our partners. Having as core idea the concept of “together”, th event reaffirms the support of METRO for both entrepreneurs and their iniatives and future plans in Romania. Also, METRO is committed to its strategy to develop a business community that can generate added value through a contiuous innovation process. We will be celebrating 20 years of presence in Romania and we wish to continue being the same trustworthy partner for all our professional clients and their needs”, said Gilles Roudy, CEO of METRO Cash&Carry Romania.

Among the main fields of interest at METRO Expo there will be the solutions developed by the company to support small and medium businesses. One of these is “De-ale Noastre” program designed to support local producers of fruits and vegetables with more than 100 farmers involved and 45 varieties of vegetables and fruits delivered to the METRO network.

At METRO Expo, we will present to trade professionals the new concept of LaDoiPasi, the solution specially designed for convenience stores. Developed to meet the latest requirements and the permanent evolution of the proximity trade market, LaDoiPa?i offers potential clients a completely new and integrated approach under the "Proaspat ?i aproape de tine" headline. Through our new visual identity, the new stores layout design, products range and the integrated management and consultancy systems, METRO wants to offer entrepreneurs a fully functional convenience store model, to meet all the needs of clients from the retail area.

Professionals from the HoReCa field will get the chance to come into contact with the newest training programs for this field’s employees, reunited under the umbrella of the successful project Centrul de Pregatire in Gastronomie (GCC). Hence, the visitors will be able to atend cooking shows by famous chefs like Horia Virlan, Antonio Pisaniello or Nicolai Tand, alongside Silvia Ailincai, Executive Chef at Centrul de Pregatire in Gastronomie, and also get introduced into the art of sommeliers and baristas. Positioned as a unique concept in Romania, Centrul de Pregatire in Gastronomie is a permanent knowledge and training source for HoReCa professionals.


In order to better value the advice and support offered to professional customers, METRO Cash&Carry and its business partners launched the communications forums during this year’s edition of METRO Expo. The forums are meant to bring to the public’s attention the newest subjects and themes of discussion from the trade area, and to present solution and programs that can be used in order to develop and grow the businesses from this field. With topics ranging from business efficiency methods, online promotion to attracting new investments and customer relationships, the forums will be a main point of interest and interaction for the participants. The discussion sessions from the forums will be held by the METRO Cash&Carry Romania specialized consultants and by our main business partners’ consultants.

Held during a period of four days, METRO Expo is a major event that covers a total area of 12.000 square meters. Over 40.000 visitors are expected to attend the event. Exhibition stands of more than 260 partners will be present at the event, known for the quality of their services and products, and also areas dedicated to METRO’s strategical programs and cooking shows.


Taking into account the size and scale of the event, METRO Expo is a proof of the company’s permanent desire to have a team of professionals, always focused on customers and their needs.