BCR – fix interests to loans for real estate investments in lei, from 6.25%

Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR) takes a new step in terms of reducing the interest rates on loans for real estate investments in RON, offering a fix interest rate of 6.25% for 3 years to the clients who deposit a minimum 25% advance and who collect their salary with BCR

„This is the 3rd cut down of RON interest rate for secured loans that BCR is making this year. The fix interest of 6.25% for 3 years (DAE 6.67%) is, at present, one of the most attractive on the market. BCR was the first Romanian bank that decided to lend mainly in the national currency, starting October 2012, taking the role of a market maker for lending in R|ON. BCR came along with costs modifications to support the national currency credit, so that to facilitate the client’s natural option to contract a credit in the same currency he gets his incomes, respectively RON versus EUR. The recently decreasing trend   regarding ROBOR index, as well as the currency risk elimination, wipes off the difference between the total cost of a loan in Euro and of a loan in RON”, declared Andrew Gerber, Executive Manager – Retail Products Management Department


The loan for real estate investments CASA MEA BCR offers customers the possibility to buy or build a house, to refinance a loan previously contracted or simply to refurbish their existing house, BCR financing up to 85% of the given collaterals.


“We offer our clients a free voluntary property insurance policy for the entire loan period. This cut down of RON credits interest stresses BCR commitment for the lending in national currency and strengthens BCR’s position as a leading mortgage lender”, added Andrew Gerber.


BCR accepts a large range of incomes (salaries, pensions, rents, dividends, revenues from abroad, from independent activities), as well as up to 3 co-payers that can participate to the credit and offers flexible means of reimbursement, with no need to visit the bank (ATM BCR or the Service Operations through BCR alternative channels). Likewise, the bank offers, against a fee, an unemployment insurance protecting the applicant in case of losing the job.


“The 3 years fix interest, the lack of the monthly fee and the removal of currency risk represents only some advantages of the credits for real estate investments offered by BCR. Another major advantage is represented by the customer’s possibility of getting the financial approval, valid for 90 days, therefore offering the customers the safety of the credit approval and enough time to find the desired house”, added Andrew Gerber


Calculation Example: for a credit with a total value of RON 150,000, for 30 years: DAE = 6.67% fix interest for the first 3 (three) years, 6.25% and, subsequently the floating interest: 6.45%/year (ROBOR 6 months + 1.9 %); monthly interest: RON 922.60, fix for the first three years; total payable value: RON 339,654.75, total credit cost: RON 189,654.75 lei. This example is valid for June 2013 for the customers collecting their salaries with BCR for the newly requested credits standing for at most 75% of the given collateral.