At 20 years of activity, Dent Estet remains trendsetter in dentistry in Romania

At 20 years of activity, Dent Estet remains trendsetter in dentistry in Romania

2 million euros invested in digitization, new technologies and acquisitions of equipment over the past two years.

The Dent Estet Clinic Group enters  its twentieth year of activity with a total of 320 employees and collaborators, of which over 90 are physicians. Currently, the group owns a network of 10 clinics, including seven in Bucharest and three outside the capital. On average, a total of 3,800 patients visit Dent Estet clinics each month. The value of investments in the training and specialization of physicians will increase by 30% in 2019 compared to the previous year.

"The 20th anniversary of our work has a special significance for us. We are proud to have developed a business that is centered on the patient's well-being, not figures. And the trust of more than 80,000 patients who have crossed the threshold so far confirms this.
Our goal is to make the dental medicine in Romania a benchmark of good practice and the fact that we developed healthy and responsible was also certified by the MedLife transaction, the largest transaction on the dental medicine market in Romania and the only relevance of the past three years, "says dr. Oana Taban, Founder & General Manager of Dent Estet Group.

Dent Estet data show a change in patients' interest to make time spent in the cabinet more efficient. Thus, they prefer longer treatment sessions, in which they benefit from solving more dental problems in the same visit than from attending several times in short sessions. Also, more and more patients are switching from products and average treatments to premium ones.

They prefer digital technologies for the safety and comfort they offer, but also for the reduced post-intervention recovery time. Dent Estet data also shows a positive change in the attitude of the patient in terms of interest in oral health and a tendency to increase the number of patients presenting to the dentist. The patients appreciate facilitating access to a multidisciplinary team, consider this to be a time-efficient, safe and performing treatment.

"We understood how important time is for our patients, so the adoption of modern technology has turned into a necessity including in the medical industry. Last year we optimized by nearly 25% the total number of visits needed to complete a treatment plan for each patient, the trend we are planning to continue. This is especially due to the fact that patients benefit from the experience of a multidisciplinary team. We also notice that our patients are informed and thoroughly documented before making a choice, always keeping in mind the long-term implications, " adds Dr. Oana Taban.

Regarding the investments in digitization technologies and equipment acquisitions, it amounted to about 2 million euros in the last two years, a level they wish to keep or even surpass the coming years.

"During the 20 years of existence, we have continued to innovate constantly and bring in Romania technologies and treatments for the first time. Next, we will focus on the healthy development of existing clinics, while pursuing an increase based on profound analysis and training, rather than an artificial one that is not based on sustained efforts. The pioneering mission remains part of our DNA, and as a leader in the market, we are honored to take a new step in our evolution, to focus even more on developing and educating the market, which still has an extraordinary growth potential, and to help patients make the best decisions about their health, "says Cristian Taban, Executive Director Dent Estet.

The average age of Dent Estet's employees is 35 years, and 50% of the medical team of clinics has a history of more than five years in the company.
The company will continue this year's investment in educational and training programs for physicians, courses and congresses.

The most accessed services of the clinic are implantological treatments, the total number of dental implant treatments increasing by 51% in 2018 compared to 2017, most of which are premium implants. This behavior once again denotes patient orientation towards excellence services with long-term results.

In 1999, Dent Estet inaugurated the first clinic in Bucharest, followed by three others in 2003, 2007 and 2017. The newest clinic inaugurated in Bucharest in 2017 is accredited as the Straumann Excellence Center, a premiere for dental medicine in Romania, and has the highest degree of digitization in the country. In 2008, the company entered the dental services segment exclusively for children and opened in Bucharest the first children's clinic in Romania and Eastern Europe.

Currently, there are two Dent Estet 4 Kids clinics in Bucharest and one in Timisoara and Sibiu.
In 2012, Dent Estet 4 Teens was inaugurated in Bucharest and the first adolescent-only clinic.
Last year, Dent Estet started in Sibiu the largest investment of the company outside Bucharest, with the opening of the two clinics, one for adults and the second for children.

The Dent Estet Group includes DENT ESTET Clinic SA, Green Dental Clinic Ltd, Dentist 4 Kids and Aspen Laboratories.