20 years of METRO Cash & Carry Romania

This year, METRO Cash & Carry Romania celebrates 20 years from the official opening of its first store in Romania. Begun in 1996, METRO’s story in Romania continues through the 30 stores, 190,000 square metres dedicated for sales, ca. 800,000 customers and the permanent support for commerce in Romania.

METRO Cash & Carry is the first trader that entered on the local market in Romania, in October 1996, introducing the cash&carry sales system, the only wholesale commerce form on the market. During the following years METRO Cash & Carry Romania strengthened its position as leader by extending the network to 30 stores, by launching trends that played a crucial role in shaping the development of the wholesale industry and which had a major influence on the local trading market: a wide range and high product availability and also the rapid development of a high-performance merchandise management and logistics system.

“For us, the 20 years of METRO Cash & Carry in Romania are both a reason to celebrate, as well as an ambition of the future. Our goal is to maintain the good results achieved so far and to remain the reliable partner of our professional customers, as well as of the Romanian entrepreneurs. Moreover, the anniversary is the perfect occasion to say thank you to our customers, our employees, our suppliers and partners and to consolidate our relationships, given that all of them made us successful over the past 20 years.”, stated Mr. Roland Ruffing, CEO METRO Romania.


Therefore, we showcase our dedication and support to independent businesses, the entrepreneurial spirit and demonstrate our ability to continuously re-invent ourselves to the changing needs and the desires of our customers. We constantly provide our customers, our employees, our suppliers and all our partners and supporters with unbeatable deals, a wide range assortment, and business support and deserved recognition.

20 years of METRO Cash & Carry innovations in Romania.


During these 20 years, we have continuously set trends for the wholesale industry in order to support independent businesses and make them more successful. Entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for the business and a strong service focus are all traits which we share with our customers. It is these values which pave the way for our joint success stories. Also, our strong expertise will help us in our journey towards fulfilling our ambition to further be the champion for independent business.


Even since the beginning, METRO’s activity in Romania meant more than the cash&carry sales system; this is why the company developed a unique opportunity for all its business partners to meet each other and to interact during a single event. Therefore, in 2006, METRO Cash & Carry Romania organised the 1st edition of METRO Expo, an event dedicated exclusively to customers, partners, as well as to solutions and products available only in METRO stores network. During the 4 editions developed so far (2006, 2008, 2012, 2015), over 1,200 business partners, ca. 1,500 METRO employees and 150,000 visitors were involved.


Also, METRO supported the development of local businesses in the HoReCa sector by launching the first continuous training program within the METRO Gastronomy Academy, as well as through competitions dedicated to specialised staff. Launched in 2008, under the name of Gastronomy Competence Centre, the METRO Gastronomy Academy managed to train more than 7,500 trainees, coming from more than 1,500 METRO professional customers through the 100 types of courses available.


Moreover, all professional customers of the company, in the commerce sector, have the direct support and expertise of the company in this sector. Therefore, in 2012, the first program dedicated to supporting the small entrepreneurs in the traditional commerce, LaDoiPasi, was launched in Romania. Through this program, METRO Romania provides its partners with specialised consultancy and support for the entire duration of the partnership. LaDoiPasi network now has around 430 stores, available in all 40 counties of Romania.


Starting from the continuingly increasing demand for fresh products, locally cultivated, as well as from the stringent needs of the farmers, METRO Cash & Carry Romania initiated and launched in 2012, the “De-ale noastre” program, a platform for supporting local producers, unique on the Romanian market, by which the company provides for the farmers in the program specialised consultancy for the entire duration of the production process, collecting solutions and a permanent place for selling their merchandise, in the stores of its network.


The points mentioned are only some examples, as they demonstrate that we continuously have set trends in the industry by supporting independent businesses and making them more successful.


After 20 years, METRO Cash & Carry Romania remains faithful to its policy of supporting the professional customers and will continue to be a reliable partner of the small entrepreneurs and independent businesses. In addition, the company will continue to implement at local level initiatives and innovations developed at international level, constantly maintaining the attention for the activity of independent businesses in Romania, either we are talking about start-ups, developing businesses or mature businesses, needing consolidation.


20 years of METRO Cash & Carry Romania in numbers:

• 30 stores, of which 25 in METRO Cash & Carry format and 5 in METRO Punct format
• Present in 23 cities of Romania
• Ca. 190,000 square metres sales area
• Ca. 800,000 professional customers
• Over 7,500 Trainees of the METRO Gastronomy Academy 
• 430 LaDoiPasi stores in all 40 counties of Romania
• 6 own brands