100% non refundable European funds, maximum 200,000 euros for small companies

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, Management Authority for Regional Operational Program launched consultative guide for Priority investment 2.1 "Promoting entrepreneurship, in particular by facilitating the economic exploitation of new ideas and fostering the creation of new enterprises, including business incubators".

Small companies (1-9 employees) are eligible if established no later than 1 January 2014, conducted over a period of at least one full fiscal year, with up to 9 employees and have not registered losses in the last fiscal year.

These small companies can access up to 200,000 euros, non-refundable amount of support being 100% of eligible expenditure, implementation of the project place it must be located in urban development in the region in which the application was filed.

The program finances only certain types of investments which lead to company development:

• Works building / expansion / modernization of production facilities
• Purchase of technological equipment, machinery, equipment for work, furniture, computer equipment, office equipment, etc.
• Purchase of equipment / specific equipment in order to achieve energy savings, and systems that use renewable / alternative energy
• Investment in intangible assets: patents, licenses, trademarks, computer programs, other rights and similar assets
• Investments in developing websites for presentation of activities and their products or services, including online marketing tools.

Are eligible production activities, services, tourism.

This grant will operate according to the payment mechanism, a mechanism that greatly help beneficiaries because the Ministry would pay 100% invoice, and companies will pay their suppliers without co-financing.

It points to the hiring of disadvantaged people, energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, conducting vocational training in the last 3 years etc.

Session submitting projects will open in September and submission will be online. The assessment will take about 3 months, therefore the companies that submitted this year project implementation can begin early next year.

Consulting fee for the project is eligible expenditure , the maximum percentage is 7% from the grant.

We can confirm the eligibility of your company for free.