Growth comes from innovation

Growth comes from innovation

With the launch of new technologies, the Romanian market is expected to become a better integrated market in terms of communication services

We estimate progressive growth in mobile data services adoption, which will be available on smarter and more affordable devices. Romanian customers will be using faster widespread data communication networks, a wider range of smartphones and tablets and will search for richer content on their mobile, as it happens now on their PCs. The worldwide trend in this industry is to have all telemedia services available on all screens.  


Bundles adjusted to consumer needs


At Orange we have identified common needs and interests among our customers and grouped them into our segmented offer portfolio. Therefore we tried to fit each segment with the best matching offers, both in terms of services & devices. Starting with tariff plans calibrated to different consumption patterns, going further to service packages dedicated to seniors, youngsters, kids, football supporters up to fully integrated communication solutions for companies, our strategy is to approach our customers with offers that are tailored depending on their specific needs and interests.


We gladly observe that mobile data are showing immense growth potential among both residential and business customers. More and more customers start using mobile data each day, trend supported by smartphones and tablets evolution. Further on, 4G technology will offer enhanced user experience to enthusiast mobile data customers. Of course mobile voice continues to be the core of our business and we see strong performance in this area as well.


Make way for 4G


We are confident that an important share of our customers will embrace the benefits of the new generation technologies and, on the medium term, as the device portfolio will evolve, 4G service will penetrate the market at an even faster pace than previous generation technologies. Given our customers’ appetite for mobile broadband services, we estimate that a significant share of our customer base will be using 4G services in next 3 to 4 years.


Romanian operators are in the first line of embracing new technologies and introducing new services to their customers. Innovation is highly valued on this market. Our challenge is to make the right decisions and become a friendly digital coach to our customers, introducing not technology, but promoting the benefits that innovation brings to people.


Addressing a very competitive market


The residential market is a very competitive one, it is characterized by very good offers both in prepay and contracts. If the drivers in prepay market are the flexible affordable offers, the drivers in contracts market are the handsets together with good deals for tariff plans. In September we launched a new simplified proposition for our contract customers, with better integrated data bundles and matching handsets. Therefore we are now able to propose them better customized offers, both in terms of services and devices.


As for the business market, after the integration of Orange Business Services, we can offer to our clients the benefits of double convergence: IP convergence (fixed voice, data, fixed and mobile), fundamental to increase company productivity and improve their customer relationship and IT-telecom convergence that ensures end-to-end at highest standards of quality and data security for communications and a fine alignment of telecom network strategy to our customers business objectives.