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Established in 1998, S.N. NUCLEARELECTRICA S.A.'s main mission is the industrial production of electricity and heat, by using nuclear power, in terms of maximum safety, reliability and respect towards the environment. To produce nuclear generated electricity and heat with a peaceful and civil application. To produce CANDU 6 nuclear fuel. Active participation in the power development program in Romania. S.N. "Nuclearelectrica" S.A. is reporting to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the state owns 100% of the shares. S.N. "Nuclearelectrica" S.A. has three branches, no legal person: - "CNE PROD", operating the Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 and the auxiliary services; - "CNE INVEST", including Units 2 to 5, actually in charge with the Unit 2 completion and U 3-U 5 preservation; - "FCN - Pitesti", the Nuclear Fuel Plant. Cernavoda NPP Unit 1 supplies almost 10% of the total national electricity generated in Romania. In 2006, the Cernavoda NPP-Unit 1 of the S.N. "Nuclearelectrica" S.A. generated an amount of electricity of 5,631,510 MWh, a record production in 10 years of commercial operation. In addition, Unit 1 annually supplied 60,000 to 80,000 Gcal for the heating of the town of Cernavoda and for the industrial consumers in the industrial area near the plant (approximately 60% of the necessary amount). On the 6th of May, the Cernavoda NPP Unit 2 reached it's first criticality, and the Government of Romania has declared its completion as a national priority. This facility is scheduled to be completed and put into commercial operation in the 3rd semester of 2007. The national participation in this project comprises important contribution of the nuclear infrastructure developed in Romania for the CANDU power plants, such as: the heavy water (initial inventory, about 500 tons), the nuclear fuel, other specific materials, equipment and components as well as specific technical design and performance support. Regarding Units 3 and 4, they will be built by a mixed project company, in which the state will have a percentage in accordance with the estimated on site assets. Starting with 2004 and finishing in 2006, the Nuclear Fuel Plant has extending it's production capacity, with small investments, in order to insure the operation of two power units. FCN Pitesti can offer consultancy, technical assistance and equipment to those interested in the transfer of nuclear fuel fabrication know-how. S.N. "Nuclearelectrica" S.A. is member of: - WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators); - COG (CANDU Owners Group); - ROMATOM (Romanian Atomic Froum Association); - WEC (World Energy Council); - WNA (World Nuclear Association); - EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute); - EURELECTRIC; - FORATOM (European Atomic Forum).


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Fiscal Identification Code: 10874881
Registry of Commerce Number: J40/7403/1998
NACE CODE: (3511) Production of electricity


  • Address: Strada Polona 65, SECTOR 1, BUCURESTI

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TURNOVER : 2,379,424,484 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 631,275,708 (RON)
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PROFIT LOSS : 572,623,274 (RON)
TURNOVER : 1,899,936,453 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 356,878,393 (RON)
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PROFIT LOSS : 130,364,362 (RON)
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PROFIT LOSS : 178,323,963 (RON)