BUTAN GRUP is specialized and performs expertise, design, construction, mounting, repairs and modernisations for lifting installations as well as for industrial equipment, steel constructions, rehabilitations of industrial halls, hydraulic installations, stations and systems under 6kV. Services: The service activities offered by BUTAN GRUP provide a complete support during the entire life cycle of products and installations for our customers. Technical support provided: - technical buildingup for the complex equipment - technical support - service Performance services: - preventive maintenance - refit - extension of guarantee Functional services: - full projects (from feasibility studies to consultancy, design, engineering, fabrication, mounting, repairs) To become more efficient in what concerns our customer service, BUTAN GRUP offers the following services: DESIGNING AND ENGINEERING - Design for Gantry Cranes, Cranes, Self-lifting Platforms - Plants or part of design, including machine components - Major overhaul design - Expert appraisal for machines and cranes - Expert appraisal for plants and building - Studies and economical analysis - Design for Buildings with Industrial profile - Technologies Design MACHINING - PRODUCTION - SUPPLY - Gantry Cranes, Cranes, Connective Devices - Electric Pannels - Radio Remote Controlls - Parts and Spare Parts for Lifting Installations - Various types of Steel Construction - Industrial Halls MOUNTING - Mounting cranes, portal cranes and any type of lifting installations - Mounting aggregates and plants in the metallurgy, chemistry, mining and material processing sectors - Mounting electrofilters and filters with bags - Mounting hydraulical installations and HTV systems REPAIRS - Current repairs and capital repairs for all types of lifting installations - Winch Repairs - Current and capital repairs for belt conveyors, bucket conveyors, etc. - Overhauling and repairs for industrial plants - Rails Realignment for Cranes and Gantry Cranes - Alignment check for industrial buildings - Roofs Replacement and lateral closings replacement with thermoinsulated materials - Reconditioning the rezistance structure of the lifting installations and industrial buildings MODERNIZATIONS - Modernizations of active installations, drive installations for equipment by introducing frequency convertors, radio remote controlls implementation, etc. - Modernizations for Cranes and Gantry Canes Runaways by introducing elastic gripping system rails (Gantry Type) - Limiting the closeness between the Gantry Cranes situated on the same Runaway - Modernization of Belt Conveyors SERVICE - Planning, accomplishment and repairs control (RC1, RC2, RK) - Technologies planning SPARE PARTS - Producing spare parts, subassemblies, component parts - Equipment transportation DIAGNOSES - Expertise of lifting installations, aggregates and runaways - Expertise in the field of resistance structures Portofolio: For operative purposes, we will only specify a few of the significant works: 1. DAEWOO MANGALIA HEAVY INDUSTRIES - Expertise and Mounting - Goliath Portal Crane 1200 SHT (1180 long tons) - Execution - Runaway for Goliath Portal Crane - length: 1 km - Execution - 250 long tons Cranes Runaways as well as Runaways for other Cranes and Gantry Cranes, part of the investment in 2008-2009 - Execution - 20 long tons Gantry Crane with Revolving Carrier and Electromagnetic Beam - Execution - Gantry Crane with two trolleys 2. LAFARGE CIMENT ROMANIA - Design and Execution - Belt Conveyors, bridge stockade included - Design and Execution - Translation Mechanism for Limestone Extraction Cutters - Design and Execution - Hall Consolidation Works - Repais and Service for Lifting Installations 3. ARABESQUE - Design and Execution - 4 Portal Cranes (8 long tons - 25 m) 4. ARCELOR MITTAL GALATI - Expertise for 14 Gantry Cranes (250 long tons) - Design and Execution - 2 Gantry Cranes ( 5 long tons - 16 m, lifting height: 40 m) - Gantry Cranes service - Preliminary works for the mounting of the 300/100/20 Sht - 15.5 EOT Gantry Crane - Mounting works and authorisation for the 300/100/20 Sht - 15.5 EOT Cast Gantry Crane - Expertise works for lifting installations in the Steel Plant Section - UOR: OLD1, TC1, SPDM - Fabrication, mounting and commissioning for a new device 5 Sht - 11m Semi-portal Crane, including encapsulated feedline 5. DUCTIL STEEL OTELU ROSU - Designing and Implementing the Safety Brakes for Steel Casting Gantry Cranes 6. ROMPORTMET GALATI - Repairs and modernisations for lifting installations and belt conveyors - Service for lifting installations - Demounting/mounting works for large-size steel structures for the Quay Cranes and Gantry Cranes 7. HOEGANAES CORP. EUROPE SA BUZAU - Modernisations - Gantry Cranes and Runaways 8. BETA BUZAU - Modernisations - 12,5 long tons Gantry Cranes and Deposit Runaways 9. SOCEP CONSTANTA - Design and Execution - 40 tons Beams for Grabs handling 10. OMV PETROM - PETROBRAZI REFINING PLANT - Design and Modernisation - 12,5 long tons Gantry Crane 11. MECHEL TARGOVISTE (COS) - Execution - OE2 roof consolidation, Mounting - absorption hood and dust separating pipes - Dismantling - 225 long tons Gantry Cranes - Mounting - 225 long tons gantry crane - Execution - electromagnets installation for bar strips at 6500 Celsius - Design and Execution - Clippper Gantry Crane 12. FERAL TULCEA - Design and Execution - Gantry Crane with 2 trolleys (one with electromagnet and the other with grab) - Execution - Dust Separator Installation 13. DELTANAV TULCEA - Dismantling in Tulcea, transport, repair, mounting and putting into service in Mahmudia of a 20 long tons Gantry Crane - Heap type 14. DOOSAN IMGB - Mounting a heavy forge clipper - Overhaul and modernization of the 350to/150to Forge Cranes - 2 pcs. 15. SC SX OSV SA BRAILA - Electrical and Mechanical modernization works for the Gantry Cranes and Portico Cranes inside the Shipyard - Execution of steel structures for cross-bars for the Gantry Cranes with Electromagnets - Beams Project for the Runways of a 5 Sht Portal Crane of a concrete platform for the Storage House for pieces and piping - Repairs of a swinging quadrangular system for a 15 Sht Portico Crane - Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Works for all of the Beneficiary's lifting installations 16. ROMNAV SA BRAILA - Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Works for all of the Beneficiary's lifting installations - Bloom lifting and lowering Works for the Crane-Ships 17. TENARIS DONASID CALARASI - Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Works for all of the Beneficiary's lifting installations - Mounting works for an Overload System for Gantry Cranes - Design, check, ISCIR authorization for stands lifting device 18. BELTRAME GROUP CALARASI - Authorized technical Expertise for 20 lifting installations - Runways consolidation, Finalization of Civil constructions for a Hall - Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Works for all of the Beneficiary's lifting installations 19. LUKOIL - Runways for slime extraction device 20. SANTIERUL NAVAL SA GIURGIU - Single Beam 12.5 Sht - 46m Gantry Crane transformation into 20 Sht - 46m Gantry Crane

General info

Fiscal Identification Code: 11632568
Registry of Commerce Number: J17/211/1999
NACE CODE: (2822) Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment


  • Address: Bulevardul George Cosbuc, Nr: 132 , GALATI, GALATI

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TURNOVER : 21,434,588 (RON)
PROFIT LOSS : 4,409,517 (RON)
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PROFIT LOSS : 6,268,606 (RON)
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PROFIT LOSS : 7,038,993 (RON)
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