The New Contact Center - Plantronics research shows how better audio impacts the bottom line

The New Contact Center - Plantronics research shows how better audio impacts the bottom line

Research published by Plantronics in collaboration with key global market examiners suggests that nearly 89% of the consumers quit doing business with a company because of a negative customer experience

With more than 20,000 people employed in the contact, call, and customer support centres all across the country, Romania is one of the leading countries in Eastern Europe in this regard and the demand for suitable technology is becoming pressing, since for example the same Plantronics commissioned research revealed that a merely 2% increase in customer retention might have the same effect as cutting costs by nearly 10%, per year.

Besides commercial offers and consultants’ sales abilities, many would consider the third most important element of a great customer experience as the actual personal conversation which is influenced by the technology used for that conversation. Crisp sound, a clear voice and surrounding noise cancellation can help make a worker more comfortable, having a better customer engagement and thus potentially leading to more productivity.

Wasted time with repeating words because of low quality communication can cost both time and money. The previously quoted research suggests that every second saved per call, per consultant, could result in a yearly operational cost savings topping a thousand dollars. Practically, wasted call time is lost money.

Given the current pressure on local employers induced by the changes in the Fiscal Code referring to the transfer of the social and medical contributions to the employees’ salaries, any potential for cost savings measures are welcomed. Better technology for a better customer experience and reduced stress for the employees makes a difference. For example, a Plantronics partner call centre once saved 400,000 dollars per year from eliminating attrition induced by fewer audio distractions. Other similar examples are provided by Cisco Systems, or Hyatt Hotels