Phoenix Contact SRL and Crystal System Group Ltd. signed a Partner Agreement for Innovation in Education

Phoenix Contact SRL and Crystal System Group Ltd. signed a Partner Agreement for Innovation in Education

Connecting IT and Operations Technology with Phoenix Contacts’ PLCnext Technology for teaching, testing, demonstrating, research and development in Crystal System’s Cyber Physical Factory at the University POLITEHNICA Bucharest.

Phoenix Contact SRL and Crystal System Group Ltd. signed a Partner Agreement for Innovation in Education. Objectives are to promote Industry 4.0, IoT, Industrial Data Management and Industrial Automation for Smart Factories.

Phoenix Contact SRL will give into custody for the already existing Cyber Physical Factory at the University POLITEHNICA Bucharest its latest technology:

  • PLCnext Control AXC F 3152 Controller supporting OPC-UA and Cloud ready and the
  • PLCnext Extension Module AXC FXT ML 1000 for Machine Learning and give access to
  • PLCnext Engineer & Community to share knowledge and use cases

PLCnext is the ecosystem for industrial automation consisting of open hardware, modular engineering software, a global community, and a digital software marketplace. Digitalization and globalization are placing new demands on industrial automation. The precisely-tailored design of the open automation system is just as important as flexible, modular expansion. In addition to standard programming of PLC systems in accordance with IEC 61131-3, parallel programming and the combination of programming languages such as C/C++, C#, Phyton, R and MATLAB® Simulink® in real-time is also possible with PLCnext Control. With PLCnext Engineer you can accelerate the application development process or use a familiar programming environment for your solution.

Crystal System Group Ltd. will integrate the PLCnext equipment and environment in its curricula for teaching, learning, demonstrating and testing different industrial processes and use cases to enable students and course participant to learn and understand the industry 4.0 / IIoT Concept based on the latest and most innovative solution in the market.

About Crystal System Group Ltd.

Crystal System Group Ltd. is an international corporation offering its services in Management Consulting, IT-Engineering, Solution and Services, Engineering Consulting in AEC and Industrial Automation and Data Management. Via its Crystal Talent Academy Crystal System Group Ltd. has implemented a unique and innovative methodology to support higher educational institutes to ensure and support the 3rd mission of higher educational institutes and connect them with relevant practical business requirements and demands. Crystal System Group Ltd. is turning data into value and supporting businesses on their digital transformation and delivering innovation in education. www.crystal-system.eu

Mr. Frank Nagorschel
Crystal System Group Ltd.
Scientific Director Talent Academy
Director Marketing
E-mail: frank.nagorschel@crystal-system.eu
Web:     www.crystal-system.eu

About Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is the global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking and automation on the path to a smart world. Phoenix Contact will celebrate in 2023 its 100-year anniversary and has approximately 20.300 employees worldwide.

Phoenix Contact is present in Romania since 2005 as a subsidiary of the German company.  With the headquarter in Bucharest and with sales representatives in all regions of the country, Phoenix Contact Romania has rapidly developed as a powerful and reliable partner for innovative solutions in electrification, networking and automation.

Mr. Radu Babeanu
Phoenix Contact S.R.L.
Area Sales Manager
E-mail: rbabeanu@phoenixcontact.com
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