Crystal System – Growth by Innovation

Crystal System – Growth by Innovation

Crystal System Group and its subsidiaries Crystal BIM Solution Ltd. and Crystal Talent Solution Ltd. and their continuous growth are driven by innovation and education

Crystal growth in The Americas

Crystal System Group Ltd., one of the leading IT Consulting, Solution and Service Provider in Romania is continuously growing and in demand of qualified and enthusiastic new colleagues. Crystal System Group and its subsidiaries Crystal BIM Solution Ltd. and Crystal Talent Solution Ltd. and their continuous growth are driven by innovation and education.

At the beginning of 2021 the decision was taken expand our activities towards the former NAFTA Area (now USMCA) covering Mexico, the US and Canada as markets. In spring 2021 we decided as location to start in the beautiful city of Monterrey in the North-East of Mexico. Our Senior Manager for the Americas got hired, Mr. David Aguilar. Like usual Crystal System Group, respectively its subsidiary Crystal Talent Solution, started its operation with the cooperation of the local universities, Universidad de Monterrey and Tecnológico de Monterrey. First courses were held and our first new colleagues got trained by Crystal’s senior practitioners on site and remote in joint courses with the University Politehnica of Bucharest.


Soon after an office in the Obisado quarter of Monterrey was found, a first team event was organized to welcome Crystal’s new team and client representatives. The team is built out of seniors from the local market and students/graduates from our partner universities in Mexico.  With the graduates hired from the local universities, Crystal Talent Solutions not only offers qualified advanced education but also increases the employability rate of the partner universities.

Under the supervision of local seniors and our senior colleagues from Bucharest, Galati, Chisinau and Durres the young graduates are getting onboarded in local projects and get trained to identify new opportunities in their market.

Crystal’s educational programs are the core element and expression of Crystal System Group’s corporate social responsibility. The courses offered for Students and Young Graduates are for free. By this Crystal System supports the communities in which Crystal System Group Ltd. is active to transform from “extended workbenches” into regional “Innovation Hubs”.

Industry 4.0 – Innovation Hub @ Politehnica of Bucharest


Crystal System identified in the advanced, innovative and future oriented projects (targeting to match the EU Green Deal objectives to achieve climate neutrality and a sustainable economy) in the automotive and manufacturing industries a gap between required skillsets, the combination, integration and interconnectivity of operational technologies on the production floor and information technologies on management level, and the education currently offered at universities.

To be able to close the gap between required and available skillsets Crystal System invested heavily and installed a Cyber Physical Factory at the University Polithenica in Bucharest and connected the “Physical Factory” in Bucharest with the “Virtual Factory” at the University of Pitesti, also sponsored by Crystal System. Both Factories will be interconnected with SAP4shool IUS and Google Cloud to simulate distributed production lines and supply chains. The Cyber Physical Factory will be completed by an Autonomous Guided Vehicle “AGV” which simulates factory internal transport and is equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By this Crystal System in cooperation with the academic staff at the universities we will be able to teach and train on:

•             Supply Chain Twin

•             Data Driven Operation

•             Collaborative Teams and Operations

•             Robotics / SCM / Fleet-Management


The official opening ceremony of Crystal System’s “Industry 4.0 – Innovation Hub” took place on the 18th November 2021 at 16:00 PM at the University Politehnica of Bucharest in the CET Building. The opening ceremony got recorded on video and can be followed on the YouTube channel of the University: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg4r6Kl0DPU&t=618s.


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