Circular economy - the return to nature

Circular economy - the return to nature

Interview Gabriel Andronescu, Country General Manager, CHEP Pooling Services Romania

Q: What does circular economy represent?



 Gabriel Andronescu: Circular economy is a return to nature, I would say. Nature is circular, by essence; everything that is created is re-used and appears in a new form, in a new cycle of it. So what is necessary for the man to understand is that living in communion with nature means in a way living in a circular economy. Unlike the linear economy in which we have lived for many decades, where a product was created then reached the final beneficiary and was subsequently destroyed, polluting on the one hand and creating waste on the other, thus polluting air and soil, the circular economy focuses on preventing the use of rare resources, maximizing their use and reuse in a new production and delivery process, so that pollution is minimized and everything that can really not be reused, it can be recycled at the end of its life.
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