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What are the most important changes brought to the Romanian labor market by the Directive on work-life balance?

The Romanian employers will be obliged to consider any requests for granting flexible…

How do we orchestrate automation technologies and human resources to support digital transformation?

Automation technologies are in fact an engine for digital transformation increasing

Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow

An article based on the book “Becoming the Banker of Tomorrow: A Five-Land Journey”…

Women entrepreneurship, an underutilized potential for economic growth

In the mid 2000s, the OECD recognized female entrepreneurship as a potential under-utilized…

Digital trends in 2017

Digitization causes major changes in every industry, affecting both our personal and professional…


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The most advanced cargo groupage distribution network  in Romania

Interview with DRAGOS GELETU, Managing Director , KLG Europe

A real leader is a leader for what's next

Interview with Oana Ciornei, Managing Partner & Global Amrop University Lead, Amrop Romania

Mirjana Krolo, a manager who dares to challenge the challenges

Interview with Mirjana Krolo, Chief Operating Officer, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari


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Commerce, services and construction - the areas where candidates over 45 years old apply

Approximately 450,000 applications have been registered since the beginning of the year…

Female entrepreneurship in Romania is ‚work in progress’

As an entrepreneur I have lived all the experiences that this choice brings to…

René Schöb is the new Country Managing Partner of Mazars

Starting today, René Schöb is the new Country Managing Partner of Mazars Romania. He…

Coaching evening – Balancing personal and professional life, avoiding crisis

Mihai Stanescu, one of the most experienced and reputed specialists in coaching launches…

Meet the Woman: Dana Becheru, Managing Partner F64

Meet the WOMAN! project is addressed to women at the beginning of their professional…