Commerce, services and construction - the areas where candidates over 45 years old apply

Commerce, services and construction - the areas where candidates over 45 years old apply

Approximately 450,000 applications have been registered since the beginning of the year by over 45-year-olds active on the eJobs.ro online recruitment platform

The areas most sought after by them were retail (which accounted for more than 130,000 applications), service area (65,212 applications), construction (almost 56,000 applications), transport, banking and financial services, food and auto industry.

"There are applications for production jobs, which does not surprise us for this age category. Interestingly, IT & C jobs are a very short distance, an area that, until recently, attracted almost exclusively young people. One explanation is that we are talking about an area that has begun to open a lot in recent years, including in the direction of reconversion. Today, it is no longer out of the ordinary to see a junior programmer at 45, who entered this field after 20 or 25 years in a completely different industry, "says Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

With regard to the departments where they want the most to work for over 45 years, the first place in the top is occupied by sales. Follow the administrative / logistics departments, customer / call center, financial / accounting and transport / distribution departments.

Nearly 40,000 applications have been submitted for a manager job since the beginning of the year, as shown by eJobs Romania.

"One of the biggest fears of candidates aged 45-50 is that they are no longer attractive to employers. Either because they have too much experience and may be considered overqualified or because they are not digitized enough, they do not know how to write their resume or how to handle the questions during an employment interview. The reality is that employers see in these cadidates a number of qualities that weigh very hard in the selection process. And here I refer to stability, seriousness or the fact that they are quite involved in the job because they have already managed to find a balance between personal and professional life, "explains Bogdan Badea.

At this time, of the over 4 million active candidates in the eJobs database, about 730,000 have the age of 45 years old at least. In the first six months of the year, they applied on average 9 jobs, the dynamics being similar to last year.