Where did the Romanians want to work in 2018: sales, accounting, and human resources - the areas that attracted most candidates this year

Where did the Romanians want to work in 2018: sales, accounting, and human resources - the areas that attracted most candidates this year

Almost 3.5 million CVs were submitted in 2018 by active candidates on eJobs.ro, the largest online recruitment platform in Romania.

Most of them have been looking for a job in sales, which is, of course, the field that attracted most applications last year - almost 700,000.

The following areas in the candidates' preferences were bookkeeping, which brought employers over 400,000 CVs, and human resources - a sector that managed to raise nearly 200,000 applications in 2018.

Top of the most searched domains by candidates continues with outsourced call-center services, back-office, transport and logistics, administration and horeca, banking, legal and IT & software.

"The interest of candidates for certain areas of activity and for certain jobs is relatively similar to that of last year. A pleasant surprise over last year is the growth recorded by IT & software, both in terms of the number of job seekers in this industry and the number of jobs posted by employers. Instead, it has emerged from the top casino and gambling sector, "said Bogdan Badea, eJobs Romania CEO.

Other areas for which companies have searched extensively for employees this year have been transportation, food and hobbies, human resources, back office, production, construction or engineering.

With regard to the most active cities in terms of employment, the most effusive was the capital market, for which employers have knocked over 42,000 jobs this year. The second place, but at a significant distance, was Cluj-Napoca, with 8,276 ads, followed by Iasi (4,662), Timsoara (4,352) and Brasov (3,549). The fewest opportunities for employment were for the candidates in Barlad, Sinaia, Mangalia, Campina and Mioveni - each of them having 58, 59 or 60 jobs placed on the market.

Those who wanted a job outside the country had nearly 2,400 options, the destinations that came with most of the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

"At the national level, the hottest jobs in terms of employment are also the ones that record the highest wage levels in almost all areas, positions and age levels and experience, as Paylab, the eJobs payroll comparator. That is why the correlation was largely predictable - the more investments and business opened in a city or a certain region of the country, the higher the number of jobs and the salary thresholds " says Bogdan Badea.

In 2018, on eJobs.ro almost 100,000 job advertisements were posted by companies. For these, there were about 3.5 million candidates who submitted their resume.